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Last updated on July 2nd, 2017 at 07:44 am

Our agriculture minister is dismayed by the young:

Young Australian farmers are not as clued up on climate change as their older counterparts, Agriculture Minister Tony Burke believes.

In fact, judging by Burke’s comments, young farmers seem extremely “clued up”:

[Burke] said he found younger farmers had more doubts about the realities of climate change than the older rural generation.

I’d love to have Tony meet some of my old farming uncles. They share this youthful attitude.

(Via Contrail)

Posted by Tim B. on 02/26/2008 at 10:29 AM
    1. From the farmers I’ve met, the older ones know about those funny things called – hold on a sec, I have it on a Post It here somewhere – Aaaah! Here it is! They’re called “Seasons”!

      Can anyone explain them to me?

      Posted by Ash_ on 2008 02 26 at 10:39 AM • permalink


    1. Blasphemers! Repent!

      Posted by Mr. Bingley on 2008 02 26 at 11:19 AM • permalink


    1. Tony Burke is not the only one dismayed.
      Labor’s Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry ,(and Member for Watson) is a typical Labor choice of someone in touch with rural issues. He follows in the footsteps of another well known rural advocate and former shadow minister for Agriculture, Simon Crean .
      And why wouldn’t he be ? Iconic suburbs steeped in a rural heritage in the area he represents roll off the tongue. Lakemba , Belmore and Punchbowl to name just three .As far as his levels of dismay goes, in his first speech to parliament on 29/11/2004 Burke said … ”…

      The arguments over the causes of climate change or even questioning the existence of climate change are all fast becoming conversations of the past..”

      Maybe not that fast Tony . Finger on the pulse stuff from a bloke whose knowledge of Agriculture , Fisheries and Forestry would debatably extend beyond a quarter pounder with cheese and Fillet O Fish he picked up in McDonald’s on his way back from picking up his fresh cut Xmas tree from the Apex boys on Canterbury Rd.  This is not to deny that some of Tony’s constituents from Lakemba don’t know a bit about the growing and marketing of cash crops – albeit quantities are normally by the ounce.

      Breaking news for you Tony. There is one climate that most certainly has not changed. It is Labor’s commitment to rural affairs as evidenced by the background of the person they chose as Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

      Posted by Wacko on 2008 02 26 at 12:01 PM • permalink


    1. I dunno. I think I prefer global warming to the coming ice age. And what about the threat from arboreal polar bears?

      Posted by paco on 2008 02 26 at 12:12 PM • permalink


    1. No worries.
      Norway has just opened its Doomsday Seed Vault.  Wondering if they also made provisions for storing any “precious bodily fluids” up there.  That would certainly make a Ripper of a story I’m thinking.

      Posted by yojimbo on 2008 02 26 at 01:15 PM • permalink


    1. #5 yojimbo: I was reading about that “Doomsday” vault where they plan to keep the seeds. How much you want to bet that when they finally need the seeds, they’ll go in the vault and find that the polar bears got in there and ate ‘em all.

      Posted by paco on 2008 02 26 at 01:28 PM • permalink


    1. I could use some global warmenating today.  The real thing, not this white crap that keeps falling out of the sky.

      Posted by RebeccaH on 2008 02 26 at 01:56 PM • permalink


    1. You’re probably right paco.  I wouldn’t take the other side of that bet.

      Doomsday vault Seeds
      Precious fluids

      Ah well, I must be too linear today.

      Posted by yojimbo on 2008 02 26 at 02:01 PM • permalink


    1. Rebecca

      Maybe the goreacle is secretly following the two candidates into Ohio for the debate tonight in hopes there will be a deadlock at the Convention.

      Posted by yojimbo on 2008 02 26 at 02:04 PM • permalink


    1. Actually, I’m in favor of a Doomsday Vault of seeds and genetic materials, but not because of this nonsense about Global Warming.  Its a very good idea to keep samples of these things socked away in case of disease outbreaks or biological attacks by crazed fanatics.  A lot of scientists have tried to get funding for such a thing over the years, and the Russian version saved their hides after World War II thanks to the brave and self-sacrificing actions of the caretakers, most of whom starved to death rather than eat their precious charge.  If it takes a bogyman like Global Warming to get another one set up, I’m all for it.

      Posted by MikeTheLibrarian on 2008 02 26 at 05:41 PM • permalink


    1. #6

      I was reading about that “Doomsday” vault where they plan to keep the seeds. How much you want to bet that when they finally need the seeds, they’ll go in the vault and find that the polar bears got in there and ate ‘em all.

      Polar bears or Michael Moore.

      Posted by kae on 2008 02 26 at 06:00 PM • permalink


    1. It’s been great to hear many weather forecasters and long-range weather forecasters correct interviewers who ask “What’s with all the weird weather?” by saying, “It’s not weird. It’s quite normal monsoonal weather for this time of year. It was the norm 30 years ago.”

      Posted by kae on 2008 02 26 at 06:04 PM • permalink


    1. The big worry is that Labor will see this as another example of rural resistance to Kevinism. How long before Labor starts denouncing farmers as kulaks.

      Posted by Contrail on 2008 02 26 at 06:31 PM • permalink


    1. Another cluebat for the arsenal.

      Posted by Achillea on 2008 02 26 at 07:19 PM • permalink


    1. #1 Ash_,

      Seasons? I’ve heard talk of them, they been whispered about hereabouts. Some say that’s why the ice all disappeared in the Arctic and then magically re-appeared. Scary eh?

      Posted by Wimpy Canadian on 2008 02 26 at 11:36 PM • permalink


    1. #4 Paco, silly boy, that’s a Koala bear!

      Posted by Wimpy Canadian on 2008 02 26 at 11:42 PM • permalink


    1. #16
      I think that’s a Drop Bear.

      Posted by Michael Lonie on 2008 02 27 at 12:03 AM • permalink


    1. #14
      Yeah. Record cold in Minnesota!Last year Dr Heidi Cullen got out of her jackboots and away from her de-certification of weathermen long enough to interview the Mayor of St Paul for her indoctrination hour for the Weather Channel.  The good Mayor was moaning on about how climate change was going to melt all of the snow in Minnesota and he would never be able to experience winter again!

      Posted by yojimbo on 2008 02 27 at 12:43 AM • permalink


    1. #13: the traditional Labor screwing of farmers is already well underway, with education programs slashed, the WEMA binned and a number of drought subsidies in the sights for elimination. This is in addition to the ongoing pooch-screw that the States have inflicted on rural health- if you thought the whole north Shore thing was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’.

      Orange, Dubbo, and perpetual favourite (in a bad, favourite gimp or victim kind of way) Wagga are all in the process of having their collective arses given a thourough seeing-to by State Labor right now.

      Combined with the collapse of the rail system, the blame-and-pillory witch hunt on rural councils, and the stagnant funding for roads, we’re all in for some good times ahead.

      Posted by wreckage on 2008 02 27 at 01:57 AM • permalink


    1. #19
      I live in a rural area of NSW, a small farming village. The strength of the village is the capacity of its residents to do for themselves what government won’t do. Think rural cities are more vulnerable to Labor’s vengeance than the purely rural areas. In the end, even communists have to eat and we are moving into a period of worldwide food shortages as Europeans turn food into fuel. Importing food won’t be an option for Labor. They will have to learn to live with conservative farmers.

      Posted by Contrail on 2008 02 27 at 03:07 AM • permalink


  1. They have “doubts about the realities?” That’s an interesting phrasing.

    Posted by the wolf on 2008 02 27 at 10:23 AM • permalink