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…  linked a day late. More about that Roebuck fellow.

UPDATE. Great line from The Serve:

Roebuck single is a hit but the album is a flop


Peter Roebuck is calling for the sacking of Ricky Ponting as he doesn’t play the game in the right spirit.

Well let’s sack Peter Roebuck for writing crap.

UPDATE III. Best comment thus far at the Telegraph:

Stripping your shtick back to its foundations you are an unashamed supporter of economics over society. So its no surprise to see you support the win at all costs mentality of Ponting and Co, as cricket is all about money according to you. So is everything else. The notion of fair play or doing something that is not do with making money is a foreign and indeed contemptible concept to your way of thinking. I know your form. To presume to equate yourself with Roebuck on cricket is just another example of your patrician arrogance. I know Nov 24 is hard to accept but stick to fear mongering and reinforcing pre existing prejudices. That’s your line of work. I look forward to your views on nuclear fusion in the near future.

UPDATE IV. From a free-wheeling Pakistan-hosted thread, here’s Dhonifan:

Does anyone see Ponting resembles Bush? one more reason to dislike him.

UPDATE V. The Age’s Rohan Connolly:

The Australians did shake Indian hands last Sunday, including those of Anil Kumble and the feisty and the equally demonstrative Harbhajan Singh, as they congregated at the boundary minutes after notching up their 16th straight win.

Sadly, the “time limit” imposed by the self-appointed guardians of acts of sporting chivalry had apparently been exceeded. And unfortunately those all-important cameras were by then trained elsewhere.

If they had caught those gestures, given the tendency to turn a momentary graphic image into a philosophical argument, things might have panned out differently.

We might have been spared some of the gratuitous sermonising about sportsmanship. Spared the stream of “Outraged from Beaumaris” letters to the editor. And spared the hysterical calls for the head of one of our finest Test captains and the further denigration of one of our finest Test teams.

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