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Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 03:07 pm

We’re all gonna die, according to a global headline consensus:

• The AustralianIt’s almost certain: humans caused planet to heat up

• Canada’s Lompoc RecordGlobal Warming Man-Made, Will Continue

• Fox News: U.N. Report: Global Warming Man-Made, Basically Unstoppable

• The Sydney Morning Herald:  World wakes to climate calamity

• The Boston GlobeMan-made climate change will continue

• The GuardianWorld’s sea levels rising at accelerating rate

• Bloomberg: Bush Administration Says Human Climate Role No Longer Debatable

• The San Francisco ChronicleWarming ‘Likely’ Man-Made, Unstoppable

• The UK Daily TelegraphMan ‘responsible for global warming’

• icEaling: Climate change debate ‘now over’

•  Reuters: Mankind to blame for global warming say scientists

• The Melbourne AgeThe science is clear: people cause climate change

Oddly, despite the UN’s overwhelming evidence of human-caused warmening, not a single media company has announced an immediate closure. Don’t they believe the UN? Two more headlines:

• Wisconsin’s Journal TimesGlobal warming is man made

And the next item from the same paper:

• Extreme cold weather this weekend

UPDATE. To the list of things caused by global warming, add … hedgehog baldness!

(Via Stuart G.)

UPDATE II. Tim “Buick refrigerator” Flannery pushes the numbers:

The respected scientist said the UN’s prediction of a three degree Celsius temperature rise was conservative and in fact could be double that figure resulting in “truly catastrophic” conditions for all life on earth.

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