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Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 02:41 pm

“Here,” says Czechoslovakian leftist Matej Stropnicky, “progressive and cool is to be on the right.” Here too, Matej, although Czech Greens seem substantially cooler (and more realistic) than our own:

Ruling with the Social Democrats, a natural ally for Greens in the West, was unthinkable for the Czech Greens because that would have also meant joining a cabinet backed by communists.

Interesting piece.

UPDATE. Someone using the name “Jon Weyland” emails:

I usually don’t respond to your ilk but – yeah – where do you get off constantly claiming that you are ‘cool’?

You are not cool. I’ve seen you on TV, and while I won’t stoop to your level of insulting someone’s appearance (ie Michael Moore is fat, Al Gore is too), you…umm….well, you’re no George Clooney. Not that you would want to be right? Not with his politics…and money…and fame…and women…What an uncool loser, unlike you huh?

You have no charisma, or appeal. You vote for John Howard. Not only do you vote for him, you worship him. Case closed. Stop trying to convince people on your blog (another sign of un-coolness) that you are some sort of happening guy.

And yes, I read your blog, in the same way someone stops to see the car crash, or perhaps, watch ‘Big Brother’.

Thanks Dork Boy.

(BTW I don’t think I’m cool, don’t claim to be, just can’t stand your deluded BS anymore.You’re like the office loudmouth, all ego with nothing to back it up, only lamer because you blog with relative anonymity. Like Lee from Right Thinking – that guy would be dead by now if he said everything he blogged on under the cloak of anonymity.)

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