Worse than mercenaries

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Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 03:08 pm

The Washington Post’s William M. Arkin, in a little trouble over this, artfully extricates himself:

I was dead wrong in using the word mercenary to describe the American soldier today.

These men and women are not fighting for money with little regard for the nation. The situation might be much worse than that …

Oh, bravo, sir! Well played! Via LGF, which has further news on the silver-tongued DC military maven. Also at LGF: a Blair’s Law convergence of denialists.

UPDATE. In other military-financial developments, Dylan Kissane forwards a scam email – a genuine scam email, such as that makes sense – tailored to events in Iraq:

Dear Fellow

How are you today,I know this mail might come to you as a surprise,but please i want you to treat it with all seriousness.My name is segt Davide Bailey from American soldier send to Iraq for peace keeping.I and captain Andrew was the person who located Suddan at his hidout and arrested him,the united Nation and our America Goverment did not compensate us over this wounderful job up till now.

Before handing Suddan over to our American Goverment he told me that concerning one of his underground house were he parked millions of dollars in bags,we located the house and we found the money being parked as he said,before the announcement to our Goverment(America)i and some of our Militry collegues took away ten million each to ourself as a compensation to ourself.

See? Mercenaries!

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