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Art critic and music wisegal Traceeee Hutchison—lookin’ good, Trace! – is brought up to speed by Age reader Bill James:

The painting Guernica arouses in Tracee Hutchison (Opinion, 1/7) an adulation of Picasso that is as breathless — “anguish”, “broken-hearted”, “cry from the heart”, “wept for the world” — as it is misleading.

Picasso was an uncritical member of the slavishly Stalinist French Communist Party until the day he died. There is no evidence that he experienced the slightest “anguish” or “broken-heartedness” over the tens of millions who were imprisoned, tortured and murdered in the USSR. He had no objection to gangster politics as such. His anti-fascism was simply a protest that the wrong gangster was in charge.

But Picasso believed in peace! He was an artist!

(Via Tony T.)

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