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Last updated on August 5th, 2017 at 04:15 pm

Labor candidate Mia Handshin explains herself:

Some time ago on the vast island of Australia Mia Handshin was born. She looked at the world as she grew, she observed, explored, participated, engaged, debated, wrote, heard, felt, developed, advocated, articulated, absorbed and came to some conclusions about what she could do to be creative in her own unique way.

From a young age she felt a commitment, an inner impetus and inspiration to live her life to its utmost potential, seeking to share her particular passion and vision for the world and “humanaty”, TO BE THE VOICE SHE WANTS TO HEAR IN THE WORLD.

Mia wants to hear her own voice IN THE WORLD. That explains the all the SHOUTING.

(Via Andrew Bolt, now returned to his work hut after recent journeys among the foreign.)

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