World goes gaza

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 02:24 pm

A Sydney woman is charged with conspiring to bomb a “public place”. In the US, police are seeking Colorado man Robert Burke following three bomb explosions at Grand Junction homes. Also on the run, one bomb-prepping Jihadi:

Two members of Islamic Jihad were killed by Israel Defense Forces soldiers yesterday as they were planting a 25-kilogram bomb along the border between Gaza and Israel.

The incident occurred before dawn, when soldiers observed three Palestinians approaching the fence between Israel and Gaza. As the soldiers watched, the three dug a hole near the fence and placed a bomb inside. An IDF tank then opened fire at them, and later, Air Force helicopters joined in. Two of the three were killed, but the third escaped, apparently unharmed. Palestinian sources identified all three as Jihad members.

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