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Traceeee Hutchison discusses big ideas with an Aboriginal friend:

Invariably our conversations end with me stating my belief that Western culture is far more inclined to misogyny than racism and with him shaking his head in profound disagreement. “I’d love to see it,” he says, “but I don’t think I will.”

He’d love to see misogyny? Well, I guess anyone would, were they exposed often enough to Jabbering Dredge Lady. Next, Traceeee considers Thomas Jefferson:

It was, after all, Thomas Jefferson’s proclamation that “all men are created equal” that laid the foundations for American democracy in 1776. But it’s one of those niggly things about history (his-story) that’s always irked me. Was Jefferson talking about “all people” when he said “all men”? Was it linguistic convenience or did he really mean emancipation was more important than suffrage?

Who knows? Maybe he was ordering pizza.

History is, of course, a recurring theme in matters of race and gender.

Come to think of it, history is a recurring theme in lots of stuff. That crazy history! It’s everywhere.

We can only look at what has gone before to begin to know tomorrow.

Whoa! Too deep, baby. Just like Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay after those dredgers have barged through it … which might take a while:

Peter Garrett last night promised to work through the weekend to finalise his decision on the controversial bay dredging …

Mr Garrett has a lot of reading in front of him as he studies the environment management plan he only received on Thursday. “This is a complex legal document — more than 800 pages in all — and it has to be right. This is a major project and the people of Melbourne expect no less of a federal minister than proper scrutiny — and that’s exactly what I’m doing,” he said.

Shhh. Peter’s reading.

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