Woman confused, traumatised

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Cindy Sheehan, refusing to be pushed around by media demands, September 2005:

The people who have come out to Camp Casey to help coordinate the press and events with me are not putting words in my mouth, they are taking words out of my mouth.

Cindy Sheehan, allowing herself to be pushed around by media demands, January 2006:

After the PSOTU press conference, I was having second thoughts about going to the SOTU at the Capitol. I didn’t feel comfortable going. I knew George Bush would say things that would hurt me and anger me and I knew that I couldn’t disrupt the address because [Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey] had given me the ticket and I didn’t want to be disruptive out of respect for her. I, in fact, had given the ticket to John Bruhns who is in Iraq Veterans Against the War. However, Lynn’s office had already called the media and everyone knew I was going to be there so I sucked it up and went.

And then she was thrown out, after which followed a traumatic insight:

After I had my personal items inventoried and my fingers printed, a nice Sgt. came in and looked at my shirt and said, “2,245, huh? I just got back from there.”

I told him that my son died there. That’s when the enormity of my loss hit me. I have lost my son. I have lost my First Amendment rights. I have lost the country that I love. Where did America go? I started crying in pain.

Casey Sheehan was killed in April 2004. His mother has since then made his death the near-daily focus of her international campaign against George W. Bush. And only now she realises the enormity of her loss?

Posted by Tim B. on 02/02/2006 at 10:54 AM
    1. That comment from the “nice sergeant” went right over her head.  Not surprising, as this anti-war campaign of hers is all about herself.

      Posted by The_Real_JeffS on 2006 02 02 at 12:12 PM • permalink


    1. She is perhaps the most appallingly horrible human being the anti-war left has thus-far produced.

      She’ll make a wonderful senator.

      Posted by Mike Jericho on 2006 02 02 at 12:14 PM • permalink


    1. Honestly, she should be teaching at Berkeley.  Drama Queen 101.  Even dancing on her son’s grave is part of the theater.

      Posted by RebeccaH on 2006 02 02 at 12:17 PM • permalink


    1. I couldn’t find anywhere in my copy of the Constituion the right to say everything, anywhere, anytime, 24/7. What she’s after isn’t free speech, she’s had plenty of that, she’s wants obedience and abject apologies from the President. Isn’t going to happen, Cindy. Go Away.

      Posted by Retread on 2006 02 02 at 12:29 PM • permalink


    1. A Million Little Sheehans

      I’m sitting in the Gallery. A Pig cop runs up to me. I laugh in his Face.
      Fuck you, pig.
      I start to cry.

      Posted by Jim Treacher on 2006 02 02 at 12:29 PM • permalink


    1. One thing going unreported is that a Republican Congressman’s wife wearing a “Support the Troops” tee shirt was also asked to leave.

      Posted by Room 237 on 2006 02 02 at 12:55 PM • permalink


    1. I love it when people say, without a shred of irony, that they have lost their freedom of speech… to the national media.

      See: Chomsky, Noam, every profile about whom always says that he finds it impossible to get written about by big media…

      Posted by Mike G on 2006 02 02 at 01:10 PM • permalink


    1. What a pig.

      “I didn’t want to be disruptive out of respect for her.” Woolsey gave her the ticket so that she would go there and be disruptive. Do they really think we don’t get that??

      “…already called the media and everyone knew I was going to be there…” What is she, Paris Fucking Hilton going to a party?

      The Dems should be so proud themselves. They are the party of crazy people, race baiters, tyrant apologisers, and idiot movie stars, all led by incoherent windbags. That should all sell really well in the next election.

      Posted by ak on 2006 02 02 at 01:18 PM • permalink


    1. Dream Ticket For the 2008 USA Pres. Election: Media Strumpet Sin-dy, Pres: Howard Scream Dean, V.P.

      Who said this?
      1. Your President is lying to you.
      2. This war is illegal.
      3. You cannot win the war.

      Choice for each: Faux Mother Cindy, Howard Dean, “Tokyo Rose” who was the USA Traitor broadcasting Japanese propoganda to American GIs during WWII Pacific War.

      Answer: All three for each.

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 02 at 01:20 PM • permalink


    1. Faux Mother Cindy is fortunate that that “nice Sgt.”, after looking at her, didn’t start crying himself, or do worse to her. Her fate would have been sealed if some of the Islamo-fascists she loves would have gotter her in their clutches.

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 02 at 01:22 PM • permalink


    1. I began crying in pain.

      “If you cannot weep with your eyes, weep with your mouth. If this is still impossible, urinate. But I warn you, some sort of liquid is needed here’’ Lautreamont

      Posted by rhhardin on 2006 02 02 at 01:25 PM • permalink


    1. I believe she was spotted today at the Groundhog Day celebration, begrudging Phil his once-a-year time in the spotlight.

      Posted by Donnah on 2006 02 02 at 01:27 PM • permalink


    1. And only now she realises the enormity of her loss?

      Give her a break–sanctifying oneself is not easy.  It takes a lot out of a gal, and to succeed, to become a media saint, you can’t let the little things get in the way.

      Plus, there’ve been all those Latin American dictators to suck up to . . .

      Posted by stuartfullerton on 2006 02 02 at 01:55 PM • permalink


    1. If Clooney wins the Oscar, will Cindy swan out in a Givency frock & those horrible Payless shoes to reject it? Will the orchestra dare to drown her out when she starts belting out Ole Man River?

      Posted by beautifulatrocities on 2006 02 02 at 02:06 PM • permalink


    1. This happens sometimes when you switch to Prozac from Zoloft, or to Paxil from Crack.

      Posted by Mystery Meat on 2006 02 02 at 02:15 PM • permalink


    1. Grief is a terrible thing and people deal with in different ways, but mostly in private and mostly in a dignified fashion. I don’t want to criticise the woman for feeling sad though.

      I really don’t understand her behaviour, however. If I was a shrink, I would probably suggest she is engaging in actions designed to put off dealing with grief and loss. I feel sorry for her late son. I wonder what he would make of all this.

      If anyone’s looking for Gravett sites, the server seems to be down at the moment.

      Posted by Major Anya on 2006 02 02 at 03:44 PM • permalink


    1. She is a complete phony. She did not care about her son when he was alive and she cannot stop exploiting his corpse.

      Posted by Latino on 2006 02 02 at 04:56 PM • permalink


    1. The thing that I find really revolting is that she has other children whom she has utterly abandoned.  Just dropped them like hot rocks to pursue her own agenda.

      Makes me sick.

      Imperial Keeper

      Posted by Elizabeth Imperial Keeper on 2006 02 02 at 05:27 PM • permalink


    1. Tokyo Rose is a myth.  There were several women American of Japanese descent who were trapped in Japan when the war started and forced to make broadcasts in English.

      Many of the women suffered greatly upon return to the US, even though they had been assured by captured US Army personnel that what they were doing to not rise to the level of crime or treason.

      It was a very sad situation whipped up into hysteria by Walter Winchell, a ratings loving radio broadcaster.

      George Seledes (sp?) in Witness to a Century, has some more background on Walter Winchell.  I don’t have the book in front of me, so if I have the Mr. Winchell’s name wrong, I apologize in advance.

      Posted by Adriane on 2006 02 02 at 06:33 PM • permalink


    1. The Left pisses and moans about how we’re always ridiculing Sheehan and using her as straw-woman proxy for the entire ‘anti-war movement.’

      But, Jesus, if the press didn’t have her in our faces every time she burped and wasn’t using her as representative of antiwar sentiment, her 15 minutes of fame would have ended, well, 15 minutes after it started.

      Posted by cosmo on 2006 02 02 at 07:04 PM • permalink


    1. Tokyo Rose is a myth.

      Adriane, a “myth” is something that isn’t true, or is so distorted by the passage of time and/or incorrect reporing that it might as well be untrue. Just because there were several women instead of one person who was made to broadcast as “Tokyo Rose” doesn’t mean the broadcasts were as mythical as the antics of Zeus & Co. Nor does the fact that the Tokyo Rose women were not willing participants in their activities like the Sheehan woman mean what they did was a “myth.”

      Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 2006 02 02 at 07:41 PM • permalink


    1. I feel for Mr Sheehan.  Not only does have the tragic loss of a loved and admired son to cope with but he has to witness his ex-wife making a prize fool of herself on the world stage.

      The most charitable explanation for Mrs Sheehan’s shenanigans is that she hasn’t been able to grieve properly for the death of her son and disporting herself in the media is a way of coping and assigning blame elsewhere. “Why didn’t I persuade him not to sign up?” she says privately. Unable to answer she irrationally assigns blame to public figures who can’t answer back.

      Posted by walterplinge on 2006 02 02 at 08:10 PM • permalink


    1. #19. There are still people alive, I am among them, who heard “Tokyo Rose”, be it one woman or many. (If many, they all sounded the same) In your eagerness to cover up the shame of Sheehan and Dean, you have exposed your own lack of discernment, your own willingness to excuse the ugliness of traitorous behavior and inexcusable lies of the Cindys and Deans, augmented by the self-hatred spread by the MSM. Shame to publicly expose your bias by presenting such a weak, irrelevant defense.

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 02 at 08:50 PM • permalink


    1. #19 Adrianne: A little more on Tokyo Rose: This is the name the Pacific GIs gave to those American sounding females broadcasting enemy propoganda to the troops in an effort to destroy their morale. In this sense, there was no person with the actual name “Tokyo Rose”. (I never thought I would need to explain so obvious a fact to anyone.)
      There was at least one American citizen who admitted to taking part in these broadcasts, Iva lkuko Toguri (sp?) and who was convicted of treason. The left has since attempted to whitwash her actions and conviction for treason, much as they have tried to do for the Rosenbergs. The whitewash of the Rosenbergs continues, despite the fact that Soviet archives have provided irrefutable proof of their guilt. The attempts to whitewash Toguri have died down since Pres. Ford, showing the usual mercy of the US government, pardoned her. All of this does not change the fact that Dean and faux mother Cindy spew the timeworn filth the Japanes spit forth in WWII. Shows how little imagination these two warriors of the Democratic Party have.

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 02 at 09:08 PM • permalink


    1. #19 On Walter Winchell. WW was the hero of the left as he helped turn American Public Opinion against the Nazis and in favor of aid to the Soviet Union. After the war, he, together with Winston Churchill, realized that Stalin was an existential threat to the West, in general, and to the USA in particular. He spectacularly changed his tune. He had the largest listening audience in America at the time and he used it to warn America against Stalin and communism. The left turned on him viciously, especially the New Your Times (of the liar W. Duranty fame), and the Daily Worker, the NY Post (leftist at the time) and on and on. They demonized him to the extent that he was eventually forced off the air. Events have since proven him absolutley right, but the leftoids still demonize him all over the place. There is an additional advantage to doing so. After all, he was a Jew, and so deserves all the demonizing he could get. Don’t you agree?

      I am curious as to your sources that WW whipped up the case against ‘Tokyo Rose’.
      No one needed to whip up such a case. There were enough pissed off GIs at the time who themselves demanded that American traitors br treated as American traitors. You also seem to have other facts wrong. There were not several women tried, just Toguri. And there were not several women ‘brought back’.  You should be careful with the facts when blogging here or else you will expose yourself as an idiot.

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 02 at 09:24 PM • permalink


    1. But didn’t the son re-enlist? If so, how does she reconcile that fact – or doesn’t she!

      Posted by WeekByWeek on 2006 02 02 at 09:53 PM • permalink


    1. stats—Next you’ll be telling me Washing Machine Charlie didn’t really fly a washing machine…

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 2006 02 02 at 10:24 PM • permalink


    1. I wonder if poor Mr Sheehan has told his side of the story to anyone???  It would be interesting to hear his views, send him an email asking what he makes of it all???  I imagine he must be a little to the left of centre in his views, but how can he stand by while his former wife discredits his son’s contribution to defending his nation???

      I then i imagine that he would just be glad he doesn’t have to cohabitate anymore with this friggin’ lunatic….

      Posted by casanova on 2006 02 02 at 10:43 PM • permalink


    1. Perhaps the Cinster’s having a bit of hippocampus trouble.

      (I thought that was a university established by Michael Moore and Phillip Adams).

      Posted by Habib on 2006 02 02 at 10:58 PM • permalink


    1. #28 According to the New York Times Maureen Dowd, only the mother of a fallen hero has the irrefutable moral right to express her feelings (as long as they are in favor of the Islamo fascists-other mothers are not heard from). The logical inference is that the father should keep his fat mouth shut, his feelings are those of the leashed beast. The MSM agrees. No effort has been made to inquire into his opinions. Nevertheless, he has made his feelings known, as he has divorced the faux mother. He has had too much dignity, and grief, to expose himself to the leftoid media.The rest of the family has made their feelings made publicly, and they are rather insulting to the publicity strumpet. It boggles the mind that a mother would apologize, in the name of her gallent son, to the terrorist who killed him and that the press and the leftoid TV would still glamorize her.

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 02 at 10:59 PM • permalink


    1. #27-SORRY RICHARD, that I had to say the obvious.Adrianne sucked me into it. I don’t blame her (him?). I take responsibility for wasting everones time. Try not to have it happen again.

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 02 at 11:02 PM • permalink


    1. Cindy Sheehan is a narcissist and egotist who has always gravitated to leftie causes where she can be in the Vanguard of the Revolution.

      Casey Sheehan left home with the intent to take up a life of achievement rather than being a permanent dependent. He joined the military and did well at it. He died on his second tour of Iraq—which you can’t do without volunteering.

      Cindy saw her son’s leaving as a betrayal and a challenge, which it was. What you are seeing now started out as her taking posthumous revenge on the son who abandoned her to take up a cause diametrically opposed to her own. It isn’t the first time it’s happened, and it won’t be the last. The only thing new here is that the Democrats and MSM found that her obsessions fitted their narrative, so they fed her insanity and enjoyed the fruits thereof.

      I hope she runs for the Senate and gets elected. She’s nuts, but she’d raise the average IQ of the Senate chamber by several points—and nobody deserves her more than the Democratic Party, especially the Californians.


      Posted by Ric Locke on 2006 02 02 at 11:15 PM • permalink


    1. Stats, don’t stress. I’m enjoying the history lesson.

      Posted by Nilknarf Arbed on 2006 02 02 at 11:15 PM • permalink


    1. Slatts, are you sure Adrienne (#19) was trolling, rather than offering up what she thought was something interesting about Tokyo Rose?
      It may have been wrong, but I am not so sure she needs to be disparaged.

      I have been guilty of jumping all over someone on the net because they posted something that wasn’t correct on an issue I knew a lot about, when they most clearly didn’t deserve it (sorry, TRJ).  So I am a bit sensitive to these things.

      Posted by entropy on 2006 02 02 at 11:22 PM • permalink


    1. Stats, thanks for the history—it’s fascinating, and you did it well.

      Posted by John Nowak on 2006 02 02 at 11:33 PM • permalink


    1. No, don’t go easy on Stats. Keep him stressed; make him produce more!

      By the way, I realise that “WW” was probably meant to refer to “Walter Winchell”, but, just possibly, (time machines), you know, like “WronWright”.

      Just asking.


      Posted by J.M. Heinrichs on 2006 02 02 at 11:46 PM • permalink


    1. a nice Sgt. came in and looked at my shirt and said, “2,245, huh? I just got back from there.” 

      I suppose it never occurred to the mad old bat that he’d been in country for over a year with nothing to perve at except birds in beekeeper outfits, and he was looking at her tits?

      Posted by Habib on 2006 02 03 at 12:06 AM • permalink


    1. Cindy Sheehan is becoming the lonely fat kid of the American Left, willing to do any embarrassing stunt she’s put up to in order to be allowed to keep hanging out with the cool gang…

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 2006 02 03 at 01:04 AM • permalink


    1. I thank both Adrienne and Stats: I didn’t know Tokyo Rose was a ‘myth’. What about Lord Haw Haw?

      (Don’t make me google it.)

      Posted by SteveGW on 2006 02 03 at 01:47 AM • permalink


    1. The slightly unhinged ex magistrate in Australia whose son was killed in Bali bombing 1? is just like Cin (or she is just like him).
      He flies around the country from abc radio station to abc radio station,blaming John Howard,the government,the military..D-fat for not posting enough warnings etc.
      It’s like he hasta blame someone..

      Posted by crash on 2006 02 03 at 04:04 AM • permalink


    1. (glares in the direction of J.M. Heinrichs)

      Tokyo Rose existed.  I cite 54 black and white episodes of McHale’s Navy, each of which I probably watched five times in the 1970’s.  Also the fact that a piddly PT boat can sink a Japanese destroyer with one torpedo.  And that one PT boat sunk 54 Japanese submarines singlehandedly.  And that the main activity of the average sailor in the South Pacific was gambling, drinking, and chasing dames, with a little war mixed in.

      This attempt at historical revisionism will go nowhere.

      Posted by wronwright on 2006 02 03 at 10:21 AM • permalink


    1. “I would probably suggest she is engaging in actions designed to put off dealing with grief and loss.”

      Nonsense.  Sheehan is engaged in actions designed to keep the media spotlight focused upon her.  She’s an addict.  Her drug is celebrity.  And like any crackwhore, she’ll do whatever is necessary, no matter how depraved, to get her next fix.

      Posted by Conrad on 2006 02 03 at 10:23 AM • permalink


    1. #41 Wronwright.Can’t beat your research sources. No better proof than a TV show. Your diligence in watching each show five times to be certain of your accuracy in reporting is impressive (or, was it that it took that many viewings to be sure you understood the plots). But I was told the Pacific War ended in 1945, assuradly incorrect , since there you were in 1970 getting a first hand view of the action. You have given a beheading blow to historical revisionism. What TV sitcom is there displaying the ugly traitorous spewings of media strumpet Sheehan Rose?

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 03 at 10:49 AM • permalink


    1. And don’t try giving me that shit that the Klingons are a peaceful people that only have legitimate grievances against us.  I know better!

      Posted by wronwright on 2006 02 03 at 12:17 PM • permalink


    1. What about Lord Haw Haw?


      Posted by Stoop Davy Dave on 2006 02 03 at 12:24 PM • permalink


    1. #45 Stoop, OK already. He was William Joyce, hanged by the British on 1/1/46 for high treason. I don’t know any sitcoms that featured him. You’ll need query Wronwright on that. The evidence against him was irrefutable. There was no WW (Walter Winchell) needed to teach the British on how to treat a traitor. Of course, both the neo-nazis and the leftoids claim the Tokyo Rose defense that there were a number of different Lord Haw Haws broadcasting from Nazi Land. So what?  They also now claim that the testimony against him was perjured. Amazing, the same claims for the American convicted traitor “Tokyo Rose”, all accusations made without any evidentiary support. The assumption behind all these accusations (and similar accusations by the Alger Hiss and Rosenberg leftoid supporters) is the the criminal justice systems of the USA and Britain are wholly corrupt, accusations made out of whole cloth. (These are the same people who accepted the justice systems of the Communist Systems in Cuba, China, the Soviet Union, but refuse the accept the archyval evidence supplied by Russia itself that show that Hiss and the Rosenberg’s were guilty of treasonable spying.)

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 03 at 12:42 PM • permalink


    1. “You’ll need query Wronwright on that.”

      Hogan Heroes, Episode 35, “Schultz Eats Streudel, Another Train Explodes”.

      By the way stats, SDD is referring to your using the words “HAW HAW”.  Stoop has a trademark on those words here, or at least he thinks so.  I happened to use them a couple times and I found a deduction in my paycheck the following week for “royalty payment to SDD Trust”.  I tried complaining but unfortunately Andrea serves as the Complaint Department for payroll.  And you know how well that goes.

      Posted by wronwright on 2006 02 03 at 01:53 PM • permalink


    1. Hey, don’t forget Axis Sally .

      Via Ace of Spades

      Posted by paco on 2006 02 03 at 02:50 PM • permalink


    1. Axis Sally (Mildred Gillars). Note the similarity between media whore Cindy and convicted traitor Axis Sally. Sally wanted to be an actress all her life but was a loser until she swore alleigence to Hitler and started broadcasting for him. Her most famous broadcast was a play titled Vision of Invasion. “It was beamed to American troops in England awaiting the D-Day invasion of Normandy, as well as to the home folks in America. Gillars played the role of an American mother who dreamed that her soldier son, a member of the invasion forces, died aboard a burning ship in the attempt to cross the English Channel.” Here we have Sick Cindy also playing the role of a mother. Unhappily and Biologically for her, she had a gallent, heroic son. Nevertheless, by any standards, she’s no Mom. By any standards, she’s another and even more vicious Axis Sally.

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 03 at 04:19 PM • permalink


    1. excuse above: gallent=gallant; alleigence=allegiance. Will proof in future.

      Posted by stats on 2006 02 03 at 04:23 PM • permalink


    1. Sad that the mother of a fallen soldier is believed to be a greater authority on OIF than any living soldiers.

      Posted by Tatterdemalian on 2006 02 03 at 04:37 PM • permalink


    1. WrongAgainRight? 47

      Stoop has a trademark on those words here, or at least he thinks so.

      I’m just a sub-lessor on that trademark, actually.  It’s (C) Jack T Chick Publications.  All the demons and other villains, all the time, laff “HAW HAW HAW !!” Using the five HAWs instead of three, that’s my own innovative embellishment, for which the Chick people are charging me plenty.  Snot like I’m making a bundle here, all right?

      Posted by Stoop Davy Dave on 2006 02 03 at 04:48 PM • permalink


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