The winnie mandela of ireland

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Things have turned around quick for Gerry Adams and his merry band of kneecapping justice-seekers. Here’s John O’Sullivan in the Chicago Sun-Times:

In the space of a few weeks, the reputation of Adams has sunk from “the Nelson Mandela of Ireland” to that of the mouthpiece of the local Murder Incorporated. Even Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) crosses the road when Gerry approaches, and Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) remembers a previous engagement that will force him to cancel his speech at the next Sinn Fein fund-raiser.

What had Northern Ireland’s Murder Incorporated done that it has not done before to cause such a nervous distancing from reliable old friends? Murder? What’s another killing when you already have more than 2,000 deaths under your belt?

What has made the difference, apparently, is that the Sinn Fein-IRA machine suddenly looks as if it may be losing the support of its “base”—i.e. the Catholic working class areas of Belfast which the IRA has controlled by threats, killings and “punishment beatings” since the Good Friday Agreement brought peace of a kind to the city. And all because of a pub brawl.

And these women. Hilariously, the BBC reported a few hours ago that Sinn Fein clown Martin McGuinness “warned [the McCartney sisters] that taking an anti-Sinn Fein stance may undermine the peace process,” a line that was subsequently removed.

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