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Some weeks—when you’ve applied for work at the ABC, for example, or wish to avoid attention from Media Watch, or want some free circus money—it must be good to be a lefty.

Last week was not one of those weeks.

Oh, things seemed to be just dandy, for a while; take the case of the ABC’s censoring of an interview with immigration minister Amanda Vanstone, which lefty blogger WBB happily imagined was due to intervention intended to protect the minister:

The management of your ABC has snipped out the bit wherein Mandy loses her bottle. Wherein Mandy accuses the ABC of having an agenda for pursuing this story. Wherein Mandy huffs and puffs as though AM is the culprit rather than her own incompetent department.

This is slightly important. Minister makes royal fool of herself. Minister puts her own tattered reputation above the duties of her office. Then ABC government stacked board burns the evidence.

WBB sang a different tune after it was revealed that the ABC has slashed the interview in order to protect its own staff. Suddenly “burning the evidence” wasn’t important after all:

of course all this is storm in a tea-cup

Ha! We might see something about that on Media Watch tonight. Speaking of Media Watch, it began last week with an attack on Janet Albrechtsen and Arthur Chrenkoff. MW executive producer Peter McEvoy later explained:

Our point was that Janet Albrechtsen gave Arthur Chrenkoff’s blog a prestige and credibility it did not deserve.

The same day that quote appeared—at prestigious and credible Crikey.com.au—a lavishly-presented piece by Chrenkoff was published in the New York Times. A Rolex Oyster doesn’t have better timing.

Vivian Alvarez had no idea her mistaken deportation was such a big deal in Australia following her discovery in the Phillippines. Lefties in berzerker mode—Margo Kingston is funding a guerrilla judiciary to expose full details of the case—must have been utterly crushed when Alvarez (or “Vivian”, as Margo calls her) declined to share their indignation. Instead of seething and ranting, Alvarez merely had this to say:

“It was a mistake … To err is human.”

Sure is. Supporters of the “100,000 dead Iraqis” theory might use that line following publication of a UN report that brought the number down to 24,000. Instead of being delighted at the decline in mortality, however, some lefties seemed upset.

Maybe they’d just had a bad week.

Posted by Tim B. on 05/15/2005 at 11:43 AM
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