Warmening does manhattan

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Appearing on Letterman the other night, actress Lucy Liu referred to New York’s recent pleasant weather as a “global warming winter”. It’d be interesting to hear her opinion on global warming’s influence over the American northwest:

A half-month ago, Western Washington’s snowpack was about 50 to 70 percent of normal. Since then, snowpack has jumped to 30 to 50 percent above average, which could make for a good water year at local utilities and hydroelectric plants.

“It’s amazing — 1998-99 was our last really big snow season,” said Garth Ferber, avalanche meteorologist for the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center. “If this keeps up, we’ll match that at least.”

Elsewhere, folks could really use some of Lucy Liu’s winter warming:

Severe winter weather is engulfing Iran, central Asia and Afghanistan, with temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius …

Heavy snow and plummeting temperatures in Iran have led to dramatic headlines over recent days, with eight people frozen to death after being trapped in their cars and some desert areas reporting snowfalls for the first time in living memory.

Global warming is acting locally. Back home, former Australian of the Year Tim Flannery – these days he doesn’t even rate a mention in the Guardian’s 50-member planet-saver list – previously warned that Brisbane could run out of water by the end of 2007. Let’s check:

SEQ Water says Brisbane’s dam levels are now higher than they have been in more than a year.

Water is expected to keep running into the dams for several more days. SEQ Water operations manager Rob Drury says the rain has delivered an extra four months water supply to Brisbane’s three major dams …

(Via Chris S., Scott A. Wilcox, and Wally)

UPDATE. Storm surges hit the Philippines:

“This must be part of the phenomenon known as global warming,” said Teddy Sabugaa, coordinator of the Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council.

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