Vital bodily organs

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Last updated on June 15th, 2017 at 03:09 pm

Margo Kingston takes time out from her crucial people’s inquiry to examine official organs:

As we face the fact that our government and its organs cannot be trusted to respect the rights, or even the humanity, of innocent Australian citizens, the same government and its organs are calling for the downgrading of citizen’s protections agains abuse of power by the State with a view, perhaps, to the legalisation of state torture.

In tandem, as we face the fact that our government and its organs make terrible errors with dire consequences for the lives of innocent citizens …

Citizens must TRUST the good faith of governments and their organs, and firmly believe that they will not abuse their powers because they RESPECT their own citizens.

Trust your organs, citizens! Do not allow them to be abused! Kingston’s organic rant is in response to academic thoughts favouring torture, under particular conditions. Margomite Yutaka would prefer to risk death:

my preference is to risk being blown up rather than to have torture available to ensure my safety

Margo’s answer:

I like your style, Yutaka.

Would Yutaka prefer to be actually blown up than have torture available? I like your evasiveness, Yutaka! Among other Margoloid replies:

Daniel Boase-Jelinek: Australia under Howard is following in the footsteps of Nazi Germany.

Spoken like a true Jelinek.

Carl Baker: Give up people; we have lost the War on Terror. All it took was 19 men in 4 aircraft 1 day to bring the United States and Australia to our knees … Will the apologist right-wing have the guts to stand up and protect the freedoms they hold so dear? Or will they acquiesce and lie down like dogs to be kicked in the guts once again?

If we’ve already lost, what freedoms remain to be protected?

Roger Fedyk: There is something chillingly reminiscent of pre-war Nazi Germany, where it became acceptable to speak of ‘untermenschen’ and the fact that some persons had less rights than others.

Hear that, Poland? Australia is coming after you!

Posted by Tim B. on 05/17/2005 at 01:54 PM
    1. It appears that Peter McEvoy and Liz Jackson have stolen a march on the ‘get a pole’ campaign

      Posted by Just Another Bloody Lawyer on 05/17 at 02:18 PM • #


    1. Is this what’s meant by ‘body politic?’

      Posted by Achillea on 05/17 at 02:24 PM • #


    1. I, for one, am very fearful of Tony Abbott’s spleen.

      Posted by 2dogs on 05/17 at 02:55 PM • #


    1. How is a University professor a government organ?

      Posted by Susan Norton on 05/17 at 02:58 PM • #


    1. Susan: in the sense that a university professor impregnates immature young minds with leftist twaddle at government expense, then said professor can be said to be, er, a government organ.

      Posted by paco on 05/17 at 03:20 PM • #


    1. Easy on the Jelinek-bashing there… As a person of Jelinek descent, I assure you that not all equate Howard with Hitler (even if both DO start with an ‘H’).

      Posted by lewisinnyc on 05/17 at 03:32 PM • #


    1. Here in America politicians and movie stars have lost the right to say absolutely idiotic things and not be dinged on it.  SPEECH is being RIDICULED,its CENSORSHIP I tell you.  They should have the right to say stupid things and have the MSM fawn all over them.

      Posted by David A on 05/17 at 03:36 PM • #


    1. I always fancied that Margo was a bit of an organ grinder.

      Posted by rog2 on 05/17 at 04:28 PM • #


    1. While they always say they’d be blown up so that no terrorist would have to suffer physical abuse while in custody, they never follow through and actually be blown up.

      It is, as is the case with most leftist assertions, just so much holier-than-thou meaningless hypothetical sophistry.

      Posted by Mike Jericho on 05/17 at 04:56 PM • #


    1. Put their mother/father/sister/brother/partner in the hands of bad guys and see how quickly they agree to do whatever it takes to induce information from the bad guy’s cohorts.

      Posted by cal on 05/17 at 05:25 PM • #


    1. Roger Fedyk is a total loser. He is so sensitive that a joke about Bob Brown grasping the Nettle sent into a toewer of rage that had every right winger swinging from lamp posts for “homophobia.”

      Like most Margolians the man is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, or as they say in exclusive Eastern Suburbs drawing rooms:the wheel is still spinning, but the hamster has long since died.

      Posted by Toryhere2 on 05/17 at 05:30 PM • #


    1. I, for one, welcome WebDiary to our planet:  It keeps the clinically insane off the streets.

      Posted by murph on 05/17 at 05:34 PM • #


    1. Roger Fedyk: There is something chillingly reminiscent of pre-war Nazi Germany, where it became acceptable to speak of ‘untermenschen’ and the fact that some persons had less rights than others.

      Even this is a statement of appeasement to Nazi ideology. Many societies exist today where some persons have less rights than others. Eg Criminals in Jails.
      What twaddle!
      What Distinguishes Nazi ideology is that
      Certain people whose selection is based solely on race DID NOT HAVE THE AUTOMATIC RIGHT TO LIFE.

      Posted by davo on 05/17 at 06:03 PM • #


    1. There was a lot of appreciation of Mark Latham’s organs I remember.

      “Thanks for the memories, Mark. And your guts.”

      – Margo Kingston post election.

      Posted by underscore on 05/17 at 06:04 PM • #


    1. Wasn’t it “Thanks for the mammaries…”?

      Posted by murph on 05/17 at 06:13 PM • #


    1. They don’t realise that Margot doesn’t exist! The Nazi/Liberals created the site to attract the moonbats and now they have tracked them all back to their source using the corrupt ASIS.

      There will be a “night of the Long Knives” and they will all disappear.  A junta will be set up.  Howard will never step down.  His mummified body will still be Prime Minister in the year 2050!

      Sleep well tonight.

      Posted by allan on 05/17 at 07:01 PM • #


    1. The Soviets referred to parts of their government as “organs”, like “security organs”, etc. Has Margo been coloring in her “Meet Friendly Uncle Stalin” book again?

      Posted by Rob C. on 05/17 at 07:26 PM • #


    1. She really is quite mad, isn’t she?

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 05/17 at 07:38 PM • #


    1. “…and the fact that some persons had less rights than others”
      Does he mean we should give equal rights to someone who is about to blow-up thousands of people with total disregard to human life?

      Posted by Melanie on 05/17 at 07:40 PM • #


    1. Margo’s big on organs- here she is tootling away on a fuge for a fan.

      Posted by Habib on 05/17 at 07:50 PM • #


    1. The Greens are calling for Bagaric to be sacked from the Commonwealth’s Refugee Review Tribunal because of his paper on torture.
      Bagaric said “It would only be defensible in circumstances where its the only means possible to save a large number of innocent lives.”
      For the Greens, merely bringing up the debate is a bad career move.  And why are the greens protecting refugees from something intended to be used on terrorists in extreme circumstances.  In any case, I think if anyone isn’t prepared to use torture to save thousands of lives, then maybe they shouldn’t be sitting on any refugee panel.

      Posted by Melanie on 05/17 at 07:53 PM • #


    1. Melanie, are you some kind of lefty?

      Of course we should give equal rights to people about to blow up thousands.  How else are we going to bring democracy to east asia, east africa, east middle and east brunswick.

      Torture is fun.

      Posted by WomBatHed on 05/17 at 08:11 PM • #


    1. Hey WomBatHed, enjoying your time here pretending to be a stereotypical dumb right-winger? (Why do I have the feeling you’re another David Heidelberg incarnation?)

      Anyway, more on-topic:

      …because they RESPECT their own citizens

      Secret message to George Galloway?

      Posted by PW on 05/17 at 08:26 PM • #


    1. PW, I just can’t figure out who the terrorists are.  Are they all coloured?

      Posted by WomBatHed on 05/17 at 08:41 PM • #


    1. Yawn. Go away.

      Posted by PW on 05/17 at 08:42 PM • #


    1. Speaking of Stalin and organs, here’s a combo of the two that the government could find quite effective in answering Margo and her managerie’s queries.

      Posted by Habib on 05/17 at 09:25 PM • #


    1. …are they after our precious bodily fluids as well?

      Posted by Patrick Chester on 05/17 at 09:31 PM • #


    1. Do you think that Margo’s fascination with organs has anything to do with her sex social life, or is she just a music lover?

      Posted by scott crawford on 05/17 at 09:58 PM • #


    1. WomBathed – I also find the idea of state-sanctioned torture very disturbing, because these things have a way of trickling down and no government bureaucrat can really be trusted..

      But if your most loved person in the world – your child or wife/husband – happened to be in the hands of Islamic fanatics who hack off people’s heads with blunt knives, and there was a very good chance that their whereabouts could be found out by torturing a captured terrorist – what would your answer be?

      Posted by dee on 05/17 at 10:01 PM • #


    1. There is no need to get into the morality of torture.

      The simple fact is that what a person says under torture (or the threat of torture) is unreliable. People will say anything to stop the pain.

      This joke as an example:

      Try to catch the rabbit
      The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), The FBI, and the CIA are all trying to prove that they are the best at apprehending criminals. The President decides to give them a test. He releases a rabbit into a forest and each of them has to catch it.

      The CIA goes in. They place animal informants throughout the forest. They question all plant and mineral witnesses. After three months of extensive investigations they conclude that rabbits do not exist.

      The FBI goes in. After two weeks with no leads they burn the forest, killing everything in it, including the rabbit, and they make no apologies. The rabbit had it coming.

      The LAPD goes in. They come out two hours later with a badly beaten bear. The bear is yelling: “Okay! Okay! I’m a rabbit! I’m a rabbit!”

      Posted by pog-ma-thon on 05/17 at 10:39 PM • #


    1. I remember Ripper from Dr Strangelove obsessing over bodily fluids, now Margo is obsessing over organs.

      How times change.

      Posted by Aging Gamer on 05/17 at 11:17 PM • #


    1. #8…..or the organ grinders monkey.

      Posted by 11BRAVO on 05/17 at 11:39 PM • #


    1. I wonder if she means the Wurlitzer’s we used to have in the cinemas?

      Posted by Louis on 05/17 at 11:57 PM • #


    1. Aging Gamer — “Just you and me, Jack…”

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 05/18 at 01:23 AM • #


    1. WomBatHed – 99% of terrorists are Muslims, whatever their colour.

      Does that answer your question?

      Posted by dee on 05/18 at 01:52 AM • #


    1. dee, the first thing I’d want to know is how my nearest and dearest fell into the hands of these terrorists without telling me they were going to travel overseas.

      Timothy McVeigh, Unabomber, Anthrax mailouts.  These are Moslems, are you sure?

      Posted by WomBatHed on 05/18 at 02:00 AM • #


    1. my preference is to risk being blown up rather than to have torture available to ensure my safety
      Spoken like a truly inflatable girl!

      Posted by blogstrop on 05/18 at 03:53 AM • #


    1. WomBatHed: Timothy McVeigh:

      Posted by Melanie on 05/18 at 03:55 AM • #


    1. WomBatHed

      Now, let’s see.  In countering the claim that…

      99% of terrorists are Muslims

      …you manage to name two people and claim to know the religion of the Anthrax postman – I’ll add Eric Rudolph.  That’s four (assuming that you are, by some miracle, correct about the Anthrax terrorist).  We’ve still got a long way to go – add radical Greens, Irish Republicans, Basques, Colombian Maoists and Tamils.  That’s a ton of people.  But, you know what?  I reckon the 99% figure is still not that far off.

      Anyhow, a great source of info on the subject is The Terrorism Knowledge Base

      Posted by murph on 05/18 at 05:09 AM • #


    1. Wombat head seen rolling down the gutter!
      Read it.

      Posted by blogstrop on 05/18 at 05:10 AM • #


    1. I just realised that title is in reference to Dr Strangelove.

      You can tell it’s E3 week, late nights arguing with anti-Nintendo cretins over whether Nintendo is about to implode, the same old shit I’ve heard for the past 5-6 years, it’s as if Margo had a kid brother.

      Posted by Aging Gamer on 05/18 at 05:12 AM • #


    1. Mr W/Hed is confused. Tim McVeigh and the Unabomber were ‘insurgents’ not terrorists.

      Posted by Deo Vindice on 05/18 at 05:24 AM • #


    1. Yukata: my preference is to risk being blown up rather than to have torture available to ensure my safety

      Well, when my safety is on the line, your ‘preferences’ aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit.

      Posted by Achillea on 05/18 at 02:00 PM • #


    1. Womb Head might like to read up on George Galloway, he says that Saddam gassing the Kurds was just a bit of civil unrest and claims the Stalins’ USSR was the greatest country on earth.

      Posted by rog2 on 05/19 at 03:25 AM • #


    1. “and its organs” is strangely reminiscent of the “precious bodily fluids” rant of the deranged general in Dr Strangelove.

      It shows how incredibly ignorant of history these jokers are to mistake our tolerant pluralistic society with Nazi Germany.

      Margo should sack her psychotherapist and double her antispsychotics.

      Posted by captain on 05/19 at 08:04 AM • #


  1. Can we assume one of the organs Margo is not obsessed with is “fresh brains…”?

    Posted by richard mcenroe on 05/19 at 10:02 AM • #