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And Australia’s best blog is … Bridge Girl Travelling Diary! Er, yes. The expert panel also found that Antony Loewenstein runs Australia’s 10th best blog; sadly, poor Ant was beaten to sixth place by a Saab fan site.

UPDATE. Jodi Rose, winner of the bloggy prize, travels the globe recording bridge noises:

The project offers a re-interpretation of the familiar architecture of concrete and steel into an experience of metaphysical connection. Allowing for the possibility of a transformative experience of the bridge, other than the everyday pragmatic, economic and visual encounters with architecture.

The sound of singing bridges all around the globe may also strike the resonant frequency of the earth’s materials and dissolve the world. Echoing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which was freed from material constraints when the resonant frequency was struck by the wind. Sounding the harmonic frequency within the unheard vibrations of the cables will release the voice and liberate the spirit of each bridge.

Naturally, bridge liberation requires government assistance; Jodi also draws sponsorship from publicly-funded groups like the ABC, Melbourne University, and the RTA (!!!). But is she grateful? Hell, no:

the cultural climate of this country is appalling, from government to everyday conversation … the rise of talkback radio as the dominant format (oh and the ABC is rating very highly especially for its talk shows- not that ratings were part of the charter for the national public broadcaster, but that seems to be what it comes down to these days) is symptomatic of a general belief that any kind of rigorous or in depth intellectual or cultural engagement is ‘elitist’. and that of course is self-evidently a bad thing.

this week comes the government restructure of the australia council, and under a similar rationale, both the new media arts and community cultural development boards have been ‘dissolved.’

while this is not necessarily a catastrophe, and I am assured that the funding is not being swept into other categories, but will be set aside for ‘hybrid’ practices or ‘weird sound art’ in the music board category, it is yet another instance of the slash and burn approach to infrastructure and support for challenging and innovate artforms.

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel that what you’re doing is pointless and irrelevant….

Don’t beat yourself up, Jodi. You’re an artist. People owe you a living. Let them toil away at their mundane, non-creative jobs, all to fund your transformative bridge experiences:

in general I’m head down in the studio or at the computer doing my damndest to keep this show on the road without having to go back to waitressing, or mind-numbing admin or any other mcjob. Why the hell shouldn’t I be able to earn a living using my skills and talents?

“Earn” might be the wrong word.

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