Veil gangs operating

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The Daily Telegraph’s Luke McIlveen, last week:

If bank robbers had half a clue – and most do not – they would discard the uniform balaclava or motorcycle helmet and embrace the burqa.

It seems the Muslim garment, through which only the eyes can be seen, is the best legal form of identity concealment around.

And the latest news from India:

The Jewellers’ Association of Maharashtra has now asked the police to bar customers wearing veils from entering shops.

“There is a rise in the number of robberies in which veiled customers were involved. In a year, eight to nine such incidents are reported. There is a possibility of two to three veiled gangs operating in the city,” Fatechand Ranka, president of the Jewellers’ Association in Pune was quoted by news agency PTI as saying.

“Due to the veils, these customers cannot be identified by us or police. So we have taken a decision not to allow veiled customers in the shops. And for that, the Association has sought permission in a letter to the state home ministry, state police chief and city police commissioner,” he added.

UPDATE. England is ahead of the curve. This from 2004:

An armed gang wearing burka headdresses escaped with jewellery after a raid on a shop in Halifax.

The three raiders – whose faces were covered by the religious gowns – entered the jewellers in Queen’s Road, Pellon, at 1100 GMT on Monday, asked
to view some gems and then produced a gun …

At least two of the raiders, who fled in a car, are believed to be male.

(Via UK commentators)

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