Unemployment down in thriving bush economy

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 09:02 am

Leftoid US group blog Firedoglake hires a press secretary:

I’m excited to announce that Siun is going to join the FDL team as our new Press Secretary. Many will know her as a valued member of the FDL community and also for her work handling press for Yearly Kos. She’s also a good friend and I’m really looking forward to having her on board, so please put your hands together and welcome her in the comments.

It’s kind of difficult to type a welcoming note when your hands are together. Perhaps Secretary Siun—who appears to be wearing a prison uniform—could alert her masters to this.

(Via Daniel Glover and Instapundit, who seem unimpressed by Firedoglake’s innovative hire. The concept of staffed blogs is nothing new; Treacher has Puce, and I’ve still got Tran and Mbongo, I think, somewhere. And don’t forget Webdiary, with its society-altering team of transition managers, comments managers, official historians, archivists …)

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