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The bombing of the Askariya shrine? It’s just a wily ploy to distract everybody from the far more crucial issue of those Danish cartoons:

A leading Shiite Muslim leader in Pakistan on Thursday condemned the attacks on the mausoleums of Hazrat Imam Ali Naqi and Imam Hasan Askari in Samarra as a ploy to divert the ummah’s attention from the crisis over the blasphemous caricatures.

The president of Millat-e-Jafria Pakistan, Allama Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi, said that the explosion in the shrine was carried out by the same people who supported the derogatory cartoons published in European newspapers.

“The strike is a continuation of the blasphemy on the holy family members of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and a ploy to divert the attention of the Muslim world from the imperialist forces’ diabolical designs against Islam,” the cleric maintained.

The explosion was carried out by the same people who supported the cartoons? Interesting theory. Omar at Iraq the Model lists developments, some desperately worrying, following yesterday’s attack:

– President Talabani promises to make rebuilding the shrine his personal responsibility and to donate the required money from his own.

– Head of the Sunni endowment sheikh Ahmed al-Samarra’I announces that he will allocate 2 billion dinars (~1.4 million $) for the rebuilding of the shrine from the treasury of the Sunni endowment.

– Huge demonstrations in many of Iraq’s provinces including Samarra and Mosul where thousands of people condemned the attack.

– The top 4 Shia Ayatollahs hold a meeting at Sistani’s home to discuss the situation.

– The Association of Muslim scholars and the Islamic Party condemn the “criminal act”.

– Retaliatory attacks on reportedly 29 Sunni mosques and the Accord Front warns from the consequences of such violent reactions.

– Jafari in a press conference calls for national unity and the leaders of the UIA hold a meeting. A press release is expected to come soon.

– The Iraqi TV opened the phone lines to receive the reactions of the audience to the attack and hosts Sunni clerics and politicians in an attempt to relieve the tension.

– Baghdad is in undeclared emergency situation, shops closed and streets nearly empty.

– Tight security around the shrine of Abu Haneefa in Aazamiya district of Baghdad, this is considered the top shrine/mosque for Sunni Muslims in Iraq.

– Masked gunmen attack Shia protestors in at least one neighborhood in western Baghdad and armed clashes in Ghazaliya and Hay al-A’amil.

– People exchange phones calls with their relatives and friends to check on them and discourage them from leaving their homes.

Posted by Tim B. on 02/23/2006 at 11:13 AM
    1. My grandkids goldfish, have more cognizant reasoning ability, then a whole bunch of folks in that part of the world.

      In fact, I’ll even toss in the Left here in America, that those goldfish outshine.

      Posted by El Cid on 2006 02 23 at 11:45 AM • permalink


    1. Glad to hear Talabani is picking up the tab for rebuilding. I immediately assumed the US taxpayer would foot the bill.

      Posted by Latino on 2006 02 23 at 11:47 AM • permalink


    1. U really can never figure out what tripe these fruitcake conspiracy theorists are going to come out with next can you…

      or how they can twist anything that happens as being caused, either directly by the Jooooos or the great satan, or by some minions acting on their behalf…..

      but yes, its starting to look a bit worrying isn’t it….    these loons seem to be building themselves into such a frenzy over there, that you never know what act might start the dominoes falling…  and once they start going, whether they will be able to be stopped…

      Posted by casanova on 2006 02 23 at 11:54 AM • permalink


    1. The forces of evil are following the Lebanon ‘civil war strategy.  They will just kill and kill until we, and the good people of Iraq, surrender.  I hope we all have the guts to stick it out.

      Posted by Patricia on 2006 02 23 at 12:54 PM • permalink


    1. Steve Harrigan was interviewed in the Fox studios a couple of days ago. He seems to expect a civil war in Iraq… He said little, but his facial expression and body language “said it all.”

      Posted by Franklin on 2006 02 23 at 01:05 PM • permalink


    1. Does anybody else see the Cartoon War, the massacres in Nigeria, and now the bombings of Shia mosques in Iraq, as parts of a concerted offensive?

      Posted by RebeccaH on 2006 02 23 at 01:41 PM • permalink


    1. #6 How ‘bout the London bombings, the Madrid bomings, the rapes in Sweden, the Paris riots, the christian schoolgirls in Indonesia, 911, the Christian churches in Egypt, the Beslan and Russian airplane incidents, Darfur, the Nigerian oilfields, Theo Van Gogh, and sundry other items.

      Posted by Mike H. on 2006 02 23 at 01:51 PM • permalink


    1. Absolutely those, Mike H., but I was thinking more along the lines of a strategic push.  But, point taken that the pressure is unrelenting.

      Posted by RebeccaH on 2006 02 23 at 03:39 PM • permalink


    1. When you are dealing with those who espouse the principle of taquiya, it is like dealing with someone who says “half of what I say might be untrue”.
      The reaction to Costello’s latest speech reportedly includes statements like “we don’t want to impose Sharia law”. Or was that “we aren’t trying to impose Sharia law, yet”?

      Posted by blogstrop on 2006 02 23 at 04:35 PM • permalink


    1. In other developments, Paul McGeough (The 7:Kerry Report, last night) predicts that Iraq will now, after so many false starts, with no further ado, at long bloody last, plunge into “CIVIL WAR”.
      He reminds me of the half-welcome bloke who shows up to a piss-up way too early.

      Posted by pick-your-pun on 2006 02 23 at 06:07 PM • permalink


    1. “half of what I say might be untrue”. LOve it! so does the Barber cut his own Hair after all.
      And is the taquiyist speaking the truth about his own lying?
      He must be honest after all!

      Posted by davo on 2006 02 23 at 07:57 PM • permalink


    1. We have brought peace and stability to the Middle East. Freedom is on the march. This is a noble cause.

      Posted by bongoman on 2006 02 23 at 08:51 PM • permalink


    1. Bongoman 1942:

      We have bought freedom and stability to Europe.  Freedom is on the march.  This is a noble cause.

      Posted by murph on 2006 02 23 at 08:56 PM • permalink


    1. Will Iraq have a nuclear war soon?

      Posted by 1.618 on 2006 02 23 at 11:06 PM • permalink


    1. All the current situation demonstrates yet again is the wonderful commonsense and steely will of the average Iraqi. Once again they are confronted with extreme provocation and once again the vast vast majority of them hold the line. This is a dicey situation make no mistake but lets back the Iraqi people here, they ‘ve been here before. This time next week this will be old news.
      Plus look at all the sensible efforts by most of Iraqi leadership are making to hose it down. These are no stupid hot heads as many in the media would like ot paint them but tough sensible cool heads. Lets back them.

      Posted by the nailgun on 2006 02 23 at 11:14 PM • permalink


    1. Will Iraq have a nuclear war soon?


      I think it is scheduled for next Tuesday. Depending on the weather, of course.
      And Master Rove’s mood.

      Posted by rinardman on 2006 02 23 at 11:16 PM • permalink


    1. A Cretan said: All Cretans are liars.  And it must be true, for it was a Cretan who said it.

      No Rebecca, I do not see a concerted plot.  There is a common mindset among the jihadis and most Muslims that leads to events like these.  Also practically all of them believe in conspiracy theories and are antisemitic and anti-American, so they shoehorn every event into the tight-fitting shoe of their preconceptions.

      We see that Muslims are set off to insane violence by trivia.  It does not need a conspiracy to set them off.  Not long ago in Nigeria it was a newpaper article about a beauty contest, today it is the Danish cartoons.  What Nigerian Christians have to do with Danish cartoons is invisible.  Think of it this way.  1.  Somebody dissed The prophet so somebody has to pay.  2.  Let’s kill a few of the kufrs to keep them in line.  What happened in Nigeria is sort of like a mob of crackers lynching an uppity Negro in Jim Crow Alabama.

      In Iraq there is a strategy going on, an insane one.  The Al Qaeda types there are trying to provoke a civil war.  Perhaps they believe that all of Sunni Islam will come to the rescue if the Shi’a start massacring the Sunni Arabs there.  It’s much more likely that their Brother Arabs will condemn the massacres but do nothing.  The only people the Sunni Arabs there could really depend on if the Shi’a turned on them are the US soldiers, who would try to stop the killing.  If I thought the Al Qaeda types were really sophisticated I might suspect they intended that as well to drive a wedge between the US and the Shi’a, but I suspect they think the US would join in the killing.

      I think it is wiser not to ascribe to conspiracy what can be more easily explained in other ways, especially when it can be explained by sheer stupidity.

      Posted by Michael Lonie on 2006 02 23 at 11:27 PM • permalink


    1. I am posting this here, as it is more related to the cartoons:

      Posted by JSthecorrect on 2006 02 23 at 11:35 PM • permalink


    1. 16@ LOL

      Posted by 1.618 on 2006 02 23 at 11:35 PM • permalink


    1. I think it would be a very good idea if all the western forces tiptoed out very,very quietly and the last one out shut the door of the asylum and the inmates will be so busy killing each other ,they won’t even notice.
      Then we can all live in peace.

      Posted by waussie on 2006 02 24 at 01:44 AM • permalink


    1. This whole islam as an infection is getting pretty old now, don’t you think? Steyn makes me laugh but it’s a one liner. Yawn !

      Posted by Marky on 2006 02 24 at 06:27 AM • permalink


    1. #21 Liked that post so much from the other thread that you reproduced it here, eh?

      Posted by RyanOH on 2006 02 24 at 12:42 PM • permalink


    1. Please don’t feed the trolls.
      Bah!  What a monument to my towering hypocrisy, me writing that.
      Still, it’s bad to encourage them.

      Posted by Stoop Davy Dave on 2006 02 24 at 01:40 PM • permalink


    1. Man! Those Iraq’s sure do have their priorities right! Like I said once before, to think good soldiers are sacrificing their lives for these “people!”

      I have read that no-one died in the actual explosion of the golden Mosque, but close to 200 have died in the aftermath. Yeah, I’m sure now more than ever just how appalled these apes were over the abuses at Abu Ghraib!

      It puts the Western disrespect of the Muhammad cartoons into some sort of perspective doesn’t it???
      Westerners depict Muhammad, their Moslem brethren blow up his descendants tombs!

      Meanwhile, over in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmaddinejad is telling compliant mobs that the Israelis and the Americans were responsible. What a surprise!

      Posted by Brian on 2006 02 24 at 08:55 PM • permalink


    1. Iraqi‘s I meant to say.


      Posted by Brian on 2006 02 24 at 09:13 PM • permalink


    1. The cartoons killed no one but those who got themselves all shook up over them ,managed to kill quite a few of their own.
      What a mob! They are all barking mad.

      Posted by waussie on 2006 02 24 at 11:29 PM • permalink


    1. Iraqi‘s I meant to say.

      Iraqi’s what?

      Posted by Stoop Davy Dave on 2006 02 25 at 08:07 PM • permalink


    1. Re: #27,

      Comment #25 was just correcting an error I made in comment #24.

      Posted by Brian on 2006 02 26 at 07:56 PM • permalink


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