Truce! unity! death!

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The Australian reports:

Interior minister Hani al-Qawasmeh resigned from the Palestinian unity Government last night after the deadliest factional feuding in two months.

Those unity governments are death on a stick. Truces are just as dangerous:

Two Fatah activists were killed in northern Gaza City yesterday, despite both sides agreeing on a truce after four other Palestinians were killed on Sunday.

That truce – or maybe another one; it’s difficult to keep up – is still in place:

Mr Haniya’s chief spokesman, Ghazi Hamad, urged everyone to abide by a truce, saying the clashes threatened the very purpose of the Government.

“We call for a truce for everybody and to use the language of dialogue to solve the internal issue,” he said.

Ah, the old language of dialogue. That’ll fix things.

(Via Dan Lewis)

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