Trolley of judgment

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Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 02:32 pm

The Age’s Katherine Murphy plays the science card:

It should not be seen as a sin to be cautious about the science of global warming, a senior Federal Government minister has warned.

Last weekend I was in Victoria for my mother’s 70th birthday celebrations, where both a teenage niece and an 80-year-old uncle mentioned this “global warming” thing. Niece said her teachers would be outraged by any anti-warmenist dissent; uncle, a farmer, described how he’d asked awkward questions at warmster meetings only to have them ignored or dismissed.

Both followed these observations with similar raised-eyebrow gestures of sly amusement. Oh, and in other family-rocks news, youngest niece (11 or so) has written a short story on a day in the life of a shopping trolley. “It’s a very judgmental trolley,” she said, airily, in the manner of someone four times her age on some ABC book show. Older niece did reasonably well in her school swimming carnival:

Me: “How many races did you win?”

Niece: “All of them.”

Thus will the Blair genes survive global warming. Bring on those rising seas, Gaia! Your puny waves mean nothing to us!

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