Tough times

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Last updated on July 23rd, 2017 at 07:57 am

Anybody who’s suffered a crisis as a young adult will empathise with Nic White, recently the recipient of distressing news. Far more insightful than I was at his age, Nic is writing through his pain. It’s an impressive example of self-examination; thoughtful and non-indulgent. Drop by and offer your best wishes.

Posted by Tim B. on 07/02/2005 at 01:14 AM
    1. Thank you.

      Posted by Nic White on 07/02 at 04:48 AM • #


    1. Raised eyebrows. Then blankness.

      Posted by Louis on 07/02 at 05:41 AM • #


    1. You are not alone, Nic.  Many people have been where you are now, and have felt your pain, myself included.  Go with God.

      Posted by The_Real_JeffS on 07/02 at 06:20 AM • #


    1. I thought the dude was dying. Then I read to the bottom and find out he’s not. However, he can’t tell us what the crisis is. I’m supposed to care about this why?

      Whatever it is, I hope the problem gets better, goes away or turns into delicious pudding very soon, past that there’s not much I can do.

      Posted by Amos on 07/02 at 08:11 AM • #


    1. Just remember, God gave men very low standards so that women seem attractive to them.

      Posted by rhhardin on 07/02 at 08:14 AM • #


    1. Nic I feel for you in your deep distress and wish the world for you,whatever your situation its likely someone,somewhere has been there.One minute at a time mate,keep occupied,get counselled,keep warm and safe.Be around people who care about you.One day this situation may not seem so terrible.In thirty years will it seem so shocking? Probably not.The deepest griefs heal with time.We are only human and make mistakes,all of us.

      Posted by crash on 07/02 at 09:00 AM • #


    1. Amos, Ive told a total of two people any details at all. I have been trying to separate the blog life and personal life as much as possible, but I thought I would share this process. Its not really something I can tell may people as its not just me thats affected, in fact the other person is much more affected than me, but I thought I owed everyone an explanation for a break in posting.

      I know it could be a *lot* worse, and that much, much, much worse things are bound to happen to me later on, but this is still potentially life-altering and something I really did not want to have to deal with at my age – but many people still do.

      Also, being the cronic Mr Fixit I am, Im not very good with situations in which I am completely powerless. A friend died about a year ago and I felt much the same, only in a different way of course, but this is made worse by the lasting effect it could have on me – really, everyone else’s problems do get trumped by your own, whether you like it or not. I dont, but what can you do?

      Im rambling so Ill shut up now.

      Posted by Nic White on 07/02 at 09:46 AM • #


    1. hey you guys turning nice? he’s probably just discovered that the reason Howard & Bush won is that people voted for them

      Posted by KK on 07/02 at 09:47 AM • #


    1. Consider a career in comedy.

      Posted by Nic White on 07/02 at 09:48 AM • #


    1. consider fucking off & ceasing public bleating

      Posted by KK on 07/02 at 09:50 AM • #


    1. KK- You monitoring Tim B’s content for him now?

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 07/02 at 10:35 AM • #


    1. KK: quit it. If you haven’t noticed, I ban people for personal attacks on the commenters here (as opposed to occasionally “spirited” refutation of their arguments). In short, the guidelines are: a commenter’s arguments are fair game, the commenters themselves aren’t.

      Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 07/02 at 11:24 AM • #


    1. Lefties take note, the reason Nic White is still here is that he is civilized even when those around him are not. And even when something appears to have shaken him terribly at that.

      Actually everyone take note.

      Posted by Aging Gamer on 07/02 at 11:39 AM • #


    1. Best of luck Nic.

      Posted by ArtVandelay on 07/02 at 11:43 PM • #


    1. i can understand someone displaying their pain on the web if they haven’t got anywhere else to go & would like help from people who have been through a similar experience, which involves saying why they are hurting & seeking advice (eg a cancer support site). but this particular sector of the commentariat doesn’t seem to be the right forum for that.  why seek virtual hugs here, of all places, when you run a blog emblazoned with the proposition that democratically elected governments are somehow illegitimate? if someone who is a Kerry O’Brien fan says “i’m very, very sad please love me” surely i can say “no” or “tell someone who cares”?

      Posted by KK on 07/03 at 09:41 AM • #


    1. It’s just not cricket.

      Posted by Aging Gamer on 07/03 at 10:36 AM • #


    1. You said: “why seek virtual hugs here”

      I said: “I thought I owed everyone an explanation for a break in posting.”

      You said: “a blog emblazoned with the proposition that democratically elected governments are somehow illegitimate”

      And Ive said that where?
      Ill admit to being a Kerry O’Brien fan, but thats because hes a good journalist, regardless of his politics.

      Reading before you open your mouth is good practice, try it sometime.

      Thanks to the others, I appreciate it.

      Posted by Nic White on 07/03 at 10:50 AM • #



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