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Far-right Holocaust denier Frederick Töben and far-left Hamas spinner Antony Loewenstein share similar views (both rail against Zionism and neocons, and hail the likes of Scott Ritter and Robert Fisk as noble dissidents) similar writing styles (Töben’s is less awkward) and similar victimisation fantasies. So it’s no surprise that their websites sometimes look the same.

Loewenstein has expressed puzzlement in the past when Töbenites have linked to his words. They’ll probably be linking again after reading his review of Munich:

Many prominent Jewish groups and Zionists have condemned the work, clearly a sign that Spielberg has created something worthwhile.

Jews don’t like it? It must be good! A debate between Loewenstein and Töben would be interesting; I can’t imagine they’d disagree much on current events. Following is a brief selection of quotes from both their sites – try guessing who wrote what:

* “We need to support the Palestinians in their just cause to oust the Zionist entity from the Middle East.”

* “It was the formation of the Jewish state in 1948 that directly caused the dispossession of untold Palestinians. This injustice is yet to be resolved.”

* “Israel’s current path is leading to inevitable disaster, a walled-in, ghetto-style Zionism defined by occupation and oppression.”

* “Australia’s media is largely under Zionist influence.”

* “Such revelations are a direct threat to Zionist supremacy in media, government and public circles.”

Answers later.

UPDATE. And here are your Tokenstein/Löben answers:

1. Töben
2. Loewenstein
3. Loewenstein
4. Töben
5. Loewenstein

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