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Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 03:07 pm

Leftist Melody Kemp mourns the lack of romantic admiration for the likes of Jew-hating breast-requester David Hicks:

My family were Spanish socialists. I should not brag about that, as they lost. But in those days, going overseas or to another country, to fight for an ideal, was to be a partisan and to be admired, romanticized, courted by artists, and writers. Now it’s orange jumpsuits and terrorist charges.

US, British, and Australian troops, among others, have lately gone overseas to fight for an ideal; Melody is quite right that they aren’t admired by artists and writers. Hicks, however, receives more than his share of artistic admiration. Reader SezaGeoff emailed last night:

I have just returned from the Roger Waters concert in Melbourne. Not a bad do, but I had to laugh during a track from Animals when they had a large pink pig flying around the Rod Laver arena.

On one side of the pig was the slogan “Bring David Hicks home”. The delicious irony of painting our favourite radical Muslim’s name on such an unclean animal and promoting it at a musical event when his preferred Taliban friends outlawed music meant that I was not offended – just bemused. It also had “impeach George Bush” painted on its bum.

Roger also seemed to not understand the difference between the Berlin Wall (erected to keep people in with murderers) and the Israeli Wall (erected to keep murderers away) in film clips accompanying pieces from The Wall.

I think support from the crowd of ageing hippies and old rockers was about 30-40%, but nowhere near overwhelming.

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