Three days wasted

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 05:12 am

Another month, another bunch of losses for our pals at Webdiary:

Income in September was $170 in donations and $201.77 from ads: total $371.77, versus expenditure of $569.81.

Outstanding! September also saw the silencing of Webdiary, as site czar David Rofl explains:

The more major outage was actually caused deliberately by our hosting provider: and, since they hadn’t told us they were going to do that (or that they had done that), we wasted three days trying all sorts of fixes to things that weren’t broken.

Trying to fix that which isn’t broken; it’s the Webdiary way. Further dramatic news from Rofl:

Even though it was in November, we have to report for those that missed it that Margo dipped her toe back into the Webdiary water for a few hours yesterday afternoon, learning how the editing system works. She may drop in again from time to time when she’s feeling up to it.

UPDATE. Margo remains massively influential.

Posted by Tim B. on 11/05/2006 at 04:08 AM
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