Think locally, act glogally

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An email arrives:

From: Dooniz

Subject: Glogal warming !!!
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 02:04:20 -0500

The environment takes more place than ever in the values of the population. We can witness it through media interest. A new website is now online:

Use the power of Internet to help our planet and its inhabitants. It is now possible and it works! is a new way to help the world with the power of Internet …

Whatever, scamsters. More interesting is the phenomenon identified in the subject line – glogal warming, about which an alarming amount of data is available:

• Get to Know the Science Behind Glogal Warming.

• Dangerous weather patterns and killer hurricanes couldn’t convince the facist regime that glogal warming is a true threat.

• For more information about what you and your community can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow glogal warming, see contact list.

• Stop Glogal Warming: New York!

• Though we comprise only 4.7 percent of the earth’s people, we account for 25 percent of its glogal warming greenhouse gas emissions.

• Glogal warming is the greatest opportunity since the industrial revolution.

• Stephen Schneider (Stanford University) The Glogal Warming Debate: Separating the Scientific Signal from the Political Noise.

• Glogal Warming?

• A French scientist, Claude Allegre, admits “we just don’t know what is causing glogal warming … “

• Carbon tetrafluoride contributes to glogal warming and affects heart, lungs, breathing …

And all this time we were worried about the globe. Stupid us. Save the glog!

Posted by Tim B. on 02/21/2007 at 12:00 PM
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