They believe the television

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“Idiots are now convinced that Dubya doesn’t know Nelson Mandela is still alive,” writes Abu Wabu. “What has in fact died, and what a miserable, stinking death it was, is real intellectual rigor on the idiot left.” As made evident by followers of Daily Show host Jon Stewart, “a voice for democratic ideals and the noble place of citizenship”, at least according to Tom Brokaw. Pity, then, that Stewart’s idealistic nobility is wasted on an audience of morons:

Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Oh my God. How funny was it? And for a very wrong reason indeed. I’ve already shared it with others. George W Bush thought Nelson Mandela is dead? Dude! How wrong could he possibly be!

You bet it was wrong. Here’s another Daily Show sucker:

Daily show had a clip of this, yes, Bush is just as dumb as he sounds…

And another:

The Daily Show just showed another classic Bushism: “Today I hear people say, ‘Where’s Mandela?’ Well, Mandela’s dead.” Did I miss a meeting?

No, you missed the full quote. Yet another Stewart stooge:

I saw this last night on the Daily Show, a breathtaking example of how utterly screwed up America’s presidency has become. It was George w. Bush hisself opining on the sad fate of Nelson Mandela …

Keep ‘em coming:

I swear the writers on the Daily Show are stealing money while making fun of this President. The jokes practically write themselves!

Well, technically, they edit themselves. Gullible Daily Show fans abound:

I saw this on the Daily Show, and I nearly wet myself…

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Hussein killed Mandela. In fact, he killed all the Mandelas… he was a very brutal tyrant.

I’m… speechless…

We… noticed. Also speechless is Tiffany Wayne:

I’ve never really watched the Daily show before, but I watched it tonight. Very FUNNY! I always knew President Bush was an idiot…but I was really left speechless when there was a clip of him stating Nelson Mandela is dead….is this guy seriously the “man” in charge?

Question authority, Tiffany. Especially the authority of Jon Stewart, who must be feeling so proud of his viewers right now:

[Bush] said Nelson Mandela is dead. That’s not funny. That’s horrifying. The man who runs the free world provides enough material to give the Daily Show god knows how many emmies. IT’S NOT FUNNY! WE HAVE AN IDIOT WITH HIS FINGER ON THE BOMB!

At least this fellow went to alternative sources:

My morning routine is to have breakfast, do laundry (if needed) and watch the tape of the “Daily Show” show from the night before.

So I’m sipping my coffee and there is Chimpy at yesterday’s press conference, who said: “Mandela is dead.”

Holy shit. When did this happen?

I stopped the tape and went to Google News to find a reference.

He did say that, much to the astonishment of the reporters. But it seems that what he was doing was referring to the Iraqi equivalents.

And one Bush hater is furious:

I say this as an unapologetic Daily Show lover and Bush hater … only someone with the brain of a jellyfish would come away from the quote actually believing that he thinks Hussein killed Nelson Mandela.

Not a small community, apparently.

Posted by Tim B. on 09/26/2007 at 12:28 PM