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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 08:34 am

Dixie Chucklehead Natalie Maines takes time out from her busy schedule to trash the folks back home:

Dixie Chicks lead singer and Lubbock resident Natalie Maines has spoken out once again, this time attacking her hometown instead of the president …

The lead singer spoke to the Vancouver Sun recently, saying, “but if you live in Lubbock, Texas, where I’m from—you just have one paper and one radio station and unless you’re savvy on the Internet, that’s it for you. If Bush said get a gun and kill an Arab, they would do that.”

It’s a comment that isn’t sitting well with some Lubbockites.

No kidding.

UPDATE. Miss Maines seems to be mistaken about the number of newspapers and radio stations available in Lubbock.

Posted by Tim B. on 09/21/2006 at 09:59 PM
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