“the earth has a fever”

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Al Gore—charismatic star of An Inconvenient Truth and its upcoming sequel, An Inconvenient Truth: Tokyo Drift—weeps for little baby Earth:

The Earth has a fever and just like when your child has a fever, maybe that’s a warning of something seriously wrong.

It’s also kind of like when the Earth hammers down a load of booze then hits the road in its carbon-neutral Mustang. Or when the Earth gets baked inside a carbon-neutral Cadillac and sets off on a midnight drive without the aid of headlights (to save energy, probably). Poor Earth!

Meanwhile, global warming has quit molesting polar bears and is now turning alligators into Amway salesmen.

UPDATE. Via Mark Alexander, further childhood insights from Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance:

A developing child in a dysfunctional family searches his parent’s face for signals that he is whole and all is right with the world; when he finds no such approval, he begins to feel that something is wrong inside. And because he doubts his worth and authenticity, he begins controlling his inner experience—smothering spontaneity, masking emotion, diverting creativity into robotic routine, and distracting an awareness of all he is missing with an unconvincing replica of what he might have been.

UPDATE II. Huck Foley: “Ever watched a 10-year-old lying to a five-year-old? There’s Al.”

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