The assault on seasons

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Last updated on August 5th, 2017 at 09:06 am

Lee Matthews emails:

According to the National Weather Service, on Sunday June 3, the temperature in Seattle reached 84 degrees.

But on Monday the high was only 69 … today’s high temp thus far is 60 … tomorrow’s forecast is for high 50s.

As you might guess, Al Gore arrived in town Monday.

UPDATE. Rick McGinnis:

Look, I was laughing about this whole “Gore effect” thing, but our first close days of summer weather – forcing me to haul the fans out of storage – suddenly ended today with a cold snap that stilled the fans and had me rushing around the house closing windows. It happened so quickly, but then I heard a news break on a local TV station a few minutes ago announcing that – yes, you saw this coming – Gore was back in town.

Brett L.:

Anyone who can’t manipulate his micro-environment favorably is out of the running for my vote to toy with the world climate.

Bad Cat Robot:

So *that’s* what happened!  And here I was feeling guilty for bringing the hammock out of storage too early. I hope he leaves before my apple trees get frost damage …

Spny Norman:

When the bloviating mountebank blew into SoCal in mid-March to kick off his propaganda tour, the cold snap ruined my cherry crop. Seriously, what looked to be a bumper harvest was gone by the end of the month, dropped while they were still green.

The coldening may not be over. Daniel F. sends word of a stormy weather Gorecast.

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