Terrible things happening

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Last updated on July 16th, 2017 at 04:11 pm

Bollywood stars Abhisek and Aiswarya Bachchan get the word out on global warming:

“Terrible, terrible things are happening to this Earth of ours and we want to use this platform to try to acquaint people about what it’s about and what they can do,” said Abhishek. “We’re using this opportunity to spread the word.”

Of what “opportunity” does Abhishek speak? Try this on for size:

The Unforgettable Tour, first announced in June, during the International Indian Film Academy Awards in Sheffield, England, will begin in summer 2008. It will consist of on stage re-enactments of popular Bollywood song-and-dance items …

The tour will transit through 18 countries around the world with sizeable Indian populations and include stops at Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, London, Cairo, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Makes my own warmening jaunt look downright puny.

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