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NRO’s Matt Goldblatt presents an English test for this year’s high school graduates. Link and answers to follow; meanwhile, take a shot at these:

1) Define the terms “independent clause” and “dependent clause.”

2) Find the subject in the following sentence: “Many of my friends drive to school.”

3) What are the three principal parts of the verb “to bite”?

4) “Jane has been dating John for two years.” Is that sentence written in a present tense or a past tense?

5) “Jane has been dating John for two years.” Change that sentence to the corresponding past tense.

6) What three parts of speech can an adverb modify?

7) What is the main use of a semi-colon?

8) “Jane invited John and me.” “Jane invited John and I.” Which is correct?

9) “He should of told me that I wasn’t invited.” What’s the error in that sentence?

10) “Every person is entitled to their own opinion.” What’s the error in that sentence?

Each question is worth ten points. If you scored below 70, you failed.

UPDATE. Answers here.

Posted by Tim B. on 05/08/2005 at 11:18 PM
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