Swampies sodding off

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The spirit of Sod off, swampy! seems to be spreading. In London:

Inayat Bunglawala had just finished his talk on “Islamophobia and the Media” at the London Muslim Center when a man stood and berated him. “Where is your beard and your thobe?” Mr. Bunglawala said the man shouted, referring to the long garment worn by some Muslim men. “How dare you come to the mosque without them. How dare you preach about the new Koran.”

Then something unusual happened on that day in January, said Mr. Bunglawala and others who were there. The several Islamic militants in the room were chased outside by the crowd, and a fistfight broke out. The militants, followers of Abu Abdullah, a firebrand imam, quickly retreated.

Sod off, swampy! And in Belfast:

They have no guns, no bodyguards, nor any police protection.

Yet with words and a raw courage that few of their neighbours have mustered, five sisters have done more to hasten the destruction of the Irish Republican Army than the combined might of the British and Irish Governments.

The five sisters have stood up to the IRA over the murder of their brother. Apparently graffiti reading “IRA scum out” is appearing on Belfast’s streets.

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