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Last updated on June 24th, 2017 at 10:23 am

“Can political comedy survive without Howard?” asks Age blogger Craig Platt. “Could the Rudd era see the rise of the right-wing comedian?”

Platt later returns to that question: “Perhaps I should have said ‘return’ rather than ‘rise’ of right-wingers. I’d forgotten about some of the shameful high-profile comedians in Australia’s past.”

UPDATE. “The funniest moment in comedy in Australia that I can remember was when The Glass House got canned,” writes Ash. “I’m sure everyone enjoyed the high pitched shrieking of ‘JoHN HoWARd Is fOrciNG hIs AgENDa oN frEE spEeCH!!11!!!one! AnD he StACked teH ABC BoARd!111!’

Contrail notes this extract from Platt’s post:

Veteran Rod Quantock is also taking a global view by looking at the world of the future – a world without oil. Quantock has abandoned his traditional whiteboard and replaced it with high-tech gear including a video camera, Photoshop and Second Life.

Observes Contrail: “A member of the Church of Climatology, Quantock replaces his white board with equipment powered by sinful electricity. And in brown coal powered Melbourne that it is a huge slap in the face for Mother Gaia.”

UPDATE II. Invited to name these shameful right-wing comics, Platt answers:

Perhaps you’re too young to remember the ‘80s, when racist and sexist humour was still commonplace. I don’t remember the performer, but a popular comedic song when I was growing up made light of, among other things, rape (it may have been called “I Was Embarrassed” – I remember the lyrics clearly).

A little later:

I’m not trying to equate righties with rape endorsers!

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