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Last updated on June 24th, 2017 at 10:33 am

Professional granddaughter Marieke “Nice flag, fuckhead” Hardy is rehabilitated – just in time for her appearance at Kevnipalooza. Speaking of which:

Margo and I met some people from the Sydney Uni Media and Communications department to discuss possible ways of getting their students involved in writing for Webdiary and maybe working on the site generally. More details on this exciting development as it progresses. Likely the first manifestation will be some of the students working with Margo on covering the deliberations of the 2020 summit.

The summit is an ideal venue for Margo’s Webdiary revival.

UPDATE. He brings excitement! Perhaps my description of Official Rudd Summit Boy Nicholas Gruen as paralysingly dull was inaccurate:

I’ve not said anything about the Summit here mainly because I don’t think there’s much to say about it until we see more of what it does and doesn’t achieve. And even if it isn’t a great success I can’t see how it will be a big failure. It’s an experiment for goodness sake, and if it’s not successful that’s not the worst thing in the world. I’m also going to the Summit and so it will be exciting.

Posted by Tim B. on 04/05/2008 at 09:15 PM
    1. Sydney Uni Media and Communications department to discuss possible ways of getting their students involved in writing for Webdiary and maybe working on the site generally.

      I read this a while back and my immediate thought was ‘cheap labor’. What a surprise for webdreary.

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 05 at 09:32 PM • permalink


    1. First item on the agenda: should women shave?

      Posted by Nic on 2008 04 05 at 09:40 PM • permalink


    1. Fuglies DO stick together (no pun intended …but)

      Posted by watty on 2008 04 05 at 09:47 PM • permalink


    1. I lead a deprived life to me Marieke and Webdiary are not on my reading list. I prefer Marxist humour. Why a Duck?

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 05 at 10:06 PM • permalink


    1. For me, the 2020 summit is bringing with it a sense of dread.

      I am dreading in particular the sycophancy of much of the Australian media which will latch onto and publish every banal utterance as if it were sacred. Chairman Rudd will be hailed for his foresight. Demands will be made that the Australian population recognise and applaud his vision and unthinkingly accept any old rubbish that comes out of the summit’s deliberations.

      And no doubt there’ll be several editions of The Dear Leader’s Little Red Book published afterwards.

      If I could leave the country for the duration of the summit, I would.

      Posted by ann j on 2008 04 05 at 10:24 PM • permalink


    1. Further reason if needed to be excluded from this colossal wank- between fighting the urge to punch Fitsie in her smug piehole, being hectored by Kevvie about drinking a Pimms and lemonade and finally shouldering through to the hors douvre table only to find it’s been hoovered by Phatty and the Rottweiler in Lipgloss, not my idea of a fun weekend in Canberra. Unless of course you pop over to Fyshwick first and pick up some ordnance- I reckon a few of these would liven up proceedings no end.

      Of course the other incentive for non-attendance is to avoid being regarded as a complete twat by the rest of the Australian population.

      Posted by Habib on 2008 04 05 at 10:40 PM • permalink


    1. #5 Ann, at least the book will make hilarious reading for the week before they try to implement half of it as policy and then say either “We were planning on making such policy prior to the summit.” or “This just shows how committed the Rudd Government is to listening to the people of Australia.”

      Posted by Ash_ on 2008 04 05 at 10:41 PM • permalink


    1. If the 2020 Summit is supposed to host Australia’s “Best and Brightest”, wouldn’t basic spelling ability be a prerequisite?

      Posted by Dan Lewis on 2008 04 05 at 11:03 PM • permalink


    1. Black holes form from stars collapsing at incredible densities.  We’re seeing something similar with stupid and self-important at this 2020.

      I’m tipping there will be an event-horizon at the parliament house gates.  People observing from the outside will feel the incredible sucking force from inside.  No idiocy or ego will escape, and the last stupid, self-serving thing they say will be frozen forever on the event horizon.

      One immediate benefit of the summit is that the average IQ of every other state will jump.

      Posted by Craig Mc on 2008 04 05 at 11:07 PM • permalink


    1. #5
      Why not watch Leningrad Cowboys and Red Army Choir singing Sweet Home Alabama instead?

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 05 at 11:08 PM • permalink


    1. #5 Ann,

      Don’t worry, be patient. whilst it’s frustrating to be the ones shouting that the Emperor has no clothes, this can’t go on forever. Sooner or later, most people will start to question why nothing really concrete has been achieved by the Rudd Government. There are only so many summits they can have, what happens when they have played that card too often? There are only so many times that you can use a stunt like that before people become suspicious.(Excepting the Fairfax press of course).

      We also need a vibrant opposition, one who asks questions about where the surplus has gone. The fact is with a world recession likely, the Rudd Government is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

      Posted by Nic on 2008 04 05 at 11:09 PM • permalink


    1. So Marieke wants to run a few ideas up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes Bush?

      Posted by andycanuck on 2008 04 05 at 11:18 PM • permalink


    1. I’d rather not think about her bush if it’s all the same to you. I’m thinking more Fidel than Leon.

      BTW, kudos to Richard McEnroe for his comment over at Bolt’s- my wife came up with the same anology this morning.

      Posted by Habib on 2008 04 05 at 11:33 PM • permalink


    1. Yeah, you think you guys got it bad. Pity those of us who live in Canberra, and happen to work in the public service…it’ll be 2020 fun all day, all night.

      ho yay.

      Posted by Quentin George on 2008 04 05 at 11:37 PM • permalink


    1. #2 nic; should women shave?
      Yes nic, they should; everywhere; if I want to floss I’ll use the white waxed stuff.
      On a related subject; is this hardy person the one who stands on mirrors whilst unclad?I note this gab-fest is not going to be all bad; my least unfavourite politician, Barnaby, says it’s going to be like Springer. If that’s the case I hope it’s as good as my favourite Springer episode where the bloke had 2 wifes, and they both cheated on him with his 2 brothers.

      Posted by cohenite on 2008 04 05 at 11:54 PM • permalink


    1. #15
      What’s wrong with green floss?Colour prejudice!

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 12:04 AM • permalink


    1. #16 I’m sorry to say, but my floss is usally green after I’ve used it.

      Posted by cohenite on 2008 04 06 at 12:07 AM • permalink


    1. ’Professional granddaughter’ – that’s brilliant!

      Posted by Apple77 on 2008 04 06 at 12:12 AM • permalink


    1. It seems to have escaped the attention of the selection board, but I find that anyone who harbours lustful thoughts about Bob Ellis not only should be ineligible for participation in anything to do with public policy, but should be confined for their and the publics safety.

      And there’s people out there who think Max Mosley is a pervert; there’s not even a name for this disgusting, depraved and bizarre fetish- coprophilia comes close, but I hazard a guess that Bob would smell far worse.

      Posted by Habib on 2008 04 06 at 12:15 AM • permalink


    1. I reckon it will take Margo & Co until the year 2020 to get organised enough to make a go of this interweb thingy.

      By which time, hopefully most of them will be dead.

      Posted by mr creosote on 2008 04 06 at 12:57 AM • permalink


    1. #18- Professional niece an’all.

      A perfect example of the inherent evil in nepotism (and why the Australian television industry is such utter shit- a shallower gene pool than the Chatooga river hinterland.

      Posted by Habib on 2008 04 06 at 01:00 AM • permalink


    1. Translation of the webdiary initiative (courtesy of Margolia/English web translator):

      “Margo and I don’t want to do this shit anymore.”

      Posted by Margos Maid on 2008 04 06 at 01:02 AM • permalink


    1. #21 Boy, but he could sure play that banjo; try as I might I can’t think of one actor’s relative who was or is an idiot savant; plenty of idiots of course, but you would think in that inbred gene-pool there’d be at least one wierdo who could do Fourier analysis and have 3 arms.

      Posted by cohenite on 2008 04 06 at 01:32 AM • permalink


    1. Marieke Hardy is the best Kevin’s Circus Maximus delegate. Here is a 30-year-old woman who dresses and behaves like a spoilt 12-year-old child and had never made a single contribution to anything.

      Marieke’s only public skill is the number of times she can say fuck in a minute. Shou;d add greatly to the image of the Rudd Circus Maximus.

      Posted by Contrail on 2008 04 06 at 02:34 AM • permalink


    1. #24,25,26
      Enfant terrible ? Not strong enough, and has been used too often in a grudgingly admiring way.
      If one is like Marieke, and has nothing original to contribute, being a “fuck it all” controversialist is all that’s left. This doesn’t prevent her from being on (and presumably paid to be on) the ABC’s so-called arts* programs.
      (*promo’s for whoever is the politically approved beneficiary of puffdom this week?)

      Posted by blogstrop on 2008 04 06 at 03:36 AM • permalink


    1. Fuck It All Hardy was on the book club repeat today.
      Just saw the dolly-bird on the teev in passing. I have bigger fish to fry right now.

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 03:47 AM • permalink


    1. I had the good fortune to attend the preliminary round of the 2020 wankfest on Saturday at the University of Wollongong. It went like this:

      Hi, I’m <insert name here> from <insert self absorbed, single issue, labor supporting action group here>. First of all I’d like to thank the traditional owners of this place, the Illawarra tribe. Of course that we all know that “Illawarra” is the Aboriginal word for “Steel Works”.
      I’m so glad that chairman Kev has allowed me to bash you all today with my particular cause. My cause has been sadly neglected over the last 11 years<crowd groans at this point and nods knowingly> which has meant funding has dropped to an all time low. This means that 4 out of 5<insert statistic here> Australians<insert demographic group here> no longer has access to my really good idea. Please give me more money so I can tell you how to live your lives better. Thankyou.

      What a complete waste of time. At it’s absolute peak there were no more than 85 people in the room. 25 of these were presenters, hosts and staff of said hosts.

      My favourite was the bloke who said that the NT intervention by Howard was a “George Bush tactic of sending the army in to solve all your problems”. What a maroon!

      It’s going to be pretty easy to take the piss out of this when it happens for real. I can’t wait.

      Posted by Gibbo on 2008 04 06 at 03:50 AM • permalink


    1. Who knows? Maybe she’s got what it takes to make it big in fillums.

      Posted by Habib on 2008 04 06 at 03:52 AM • permalink


    1. #31 Gibbo
      Ditto at UQ.
      I didn’t attend. There’s only so much holding your tongue one can do.

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 03:54 AM • permalink


    1. There does not seem to be anyone queuing up to say kiss me Hardy.

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 04:10 AM • permalink


    1. O/T Charlton Heston dies age 84.

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 04:31 AM • permalink


    1. Rudd to meet the Queen as a republican
      #35 yes, the contrast of Heston to other “stars” of today.

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 04:40 AM • permalink


    1. #11 ‘There are only so many summits they can have…’

      Don’t be so sure. Chairman Rudd and his 5 and 10 Year Planners have much work ahead, corralling the whole country into Talk Pens and Agenda Confabs.
      We all know that diplomats like Rudd cannot think without much consensus sharing.

      How about the need for:

      1. A Unions Summit [before they all die off] 2. An Occupational Health and Safety Summit
      [Avoid Risk at All Costs] 3. A Drought Summit
      4. A Climate Change Summit
      5. An Alternative Energy Summit
      6. A Be-Kind-to-The-Earth Summit
      7. A Health Summit
      8. A Wealth Distribution Summit
      9. An Obesity Summit
      10. An Alcohol and other Nasty Things Summit

      This Governement can avoid doing things for many years if it puts everyone’s mind to it

      Posted by Barrie on 2008 04 06 at 04:49 AM • permalink


    1. #37
      Before these summits we will need a summit to organise the summits.
      A summit to review the summits to be organised.
      A summit to review the reviews of the summits to be organised.

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 04:59 AM • permalink


    1. #37; “This government can avoid doing things for many years…” A very good thing indeed. More summits everyone!

      Posted by dean martin on 2008 04 06 at 05:25 AM • permalink


    1. A song for Kevvie.

      I can feel it Summit in the air tonight, oh lord
      Ive been waiting for this Summit, all my life, oh lord
      Can you feel it the Summit in the air tonight, oh lord, oh lord

      Well, if you told me you were drowning
      I would not lend a hand
      Ive seen your face before my friend
      But I dont know if you know who I am
      Well, I was there and I saw what you did
      I saw it with my own two eyes
      So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you’ve been
      Its all been a pack of lies

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 05:30 AM • permalink


    1. #36 Wonder if the Queen will have to hear Rudd’s China sales pitch.

      Posted by Contrail on 2008 04 06 at 05:52 AM • permalink


    1. Marieke “nice flag fughead” Hardy, was that when you lost your chin?

      Posted by LaVallette on 2008 04 06 at 06:09 AM • permalink


    1. #40
      Summit to do and so little time …Summit to do about nothing …et al

      Posted by egg_ on 2008 04 06 at 06:25 AM • permalink


    1. O/T
      60 Minutes.
      Father and daughter.
      Brother and sister.

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 06:39 AM • permalink


    1. Yes kae, but why watch it?
      You know what’s coming!If it’s not “SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE” or Top Gear”
      than it’s ain’t worth watching!SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE? Yes yes I know it’s stupid, but it’s fun!
      It’s like an ugly dog, that’s so ugly it’s beautiful, (if you get my drift)?.

      Posted by Orion on 2008 04 06 at 06:48 AM • permalink


    1. #44
      Not like MFSB TSOP it seems.

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 06:50 AM • permalink


    1. #45
      I know Orion, but it was just on when I got out of the shower. I’d watched the idiots “flying”. And emerged from the shower to see yuck. Yuck and more yuck.The daughter thought they were just a normal family.Sick.

      They live in Mt Gambier. It’ll be interesting to see the reaction there…
      Er, Mt Gambier.
      That’s South Australia, isn’t it?

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 06:52 AM • permalink


    1. #45 #47
      Modern media like the ugly gladiatorial of old.

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 07:10 AM • permalink


    1. #47 What? Is her name Gambier?

      Posted by blogstrop on 2008 04 06 at 07:11 AM • permalink


    1. #49
      Tum-Tum-TUM-Tum. “Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.” Tum-Tum-TUM-Tum.

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 07:23 AM • permalink


    1. #48,
      No, no, no, no! Yes. (hint, hint)Nothing like that!“The Emmy nominated hit entertainment show where teams have just one day to build incredible machines using only materials they find on the scrapheap.”

      It is entertaining after a hard day’s work, when you do not want to be lectured!

      #47 Yes it is, I hope there are no 44’s involved, are there?

      Mt. Gambier is a town in South Australia.

      Posted by Orion on 2008 04 06 at 07:24 AM • permalink


    1. Marieke Hardy reminds me of someone out of a Shirley Jackson novel: perhaps the doll-faced woman-child who poisoned her whole family with bad mushrooms.

      Posted by paco on 2008 04 06 at 07:25 AM • permalink


    1. How far is Mt Gambier from Snowtown?

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 07:30 AM • permalink


    1. #53
      Kae, far enough, give us a hint what it was all about?
      Now I am curious.

      Posted by Orion on 2008 04 06 at 07:36 AM • permalink


    1. #44- I’m surprised it wasn’t somewhere in Tasmania. BTW- how do you chop off a Tasmanian’s willy? Give his sister an uppercut.

      Tasmanian Son:- “Dad, I’ve met this wonderful girl- she’s beautiful, only one head, most of her teeth and less tattoos than Bon Scott. We want to get married, and for real, she’s even a virgin, eh!”

      Tasmanian Dad:- “Forget it son, if she’s not good enough fer her own family, she’s sure not good enough fer ours, eh.”

      Posted by Habib on 2008 04 06 at 07:38 AM • permalink


    1. Crap, it’s nearly 10Pm!!
      have to be up by 3Am.
      You are lucky kae, you don’t have this “daylight saving” rubbish.
      night all

      Posted by Orion on 2008 04 06 at 07:40 AM • permalink


    1. #54 Incest.

      Posted by Ash_ on 2008 04 06 at 07:40 AM • permalink


    1. Rudd’s efforts to stem global warming are working. He had to traipse to church through snow that has blanketed the countryside.

      Posted by Contrail on 2008 04 06 at 07:43 AM • permalink


    1. #60 Minutes, Forbidden Love.


      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 07:44 AM • permalink


    1. So farewell, Chuck Heston.  Alas, it is now finally a “cold dead hand”, but still a “mighty hand”.  We’ll still be watching your artistry when that sad, fat sack of shit Mike Moore, who dared to affront you, is just an answer in ‘Trivial Pursuit’, if that.  All together now: “Soylent Green is peeeooople!!

      Posted by cuckoo on 2008 04 06 at 07:44 AM • permalink


    1. #60

      The Big Country (1958) Charlton Heston as Steve Leech: All I can say, McKay, is you take a helluva long time to say good-bye.

      He did but now he belongs to the ages.

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 07:53 AM • permalink


    1. #58, yes. Silence about the unseasonably cold weather affecting the UK at the moment. Caused by……?

      Posted by Nic on 2008 04 06 at 07:56 AM • permalink


    1. #62
      Caused by…..the hot air from Antipodes.

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 08:02 AM • permalink


    1. One of my offsiders nominated herself for the rural and regional session.  And got accepted.  SInce I discovered this fact I have been trying very hard to be a bit more circumspect regarding this wankfest, so as not to offend her more than I already have lately.

      While it is hard to resist temptation, it’s made a bit easier as all the real tools are in the future governance session where they no doubt will demand the introduction of a bill of rights so the lawyers judiciary can finally realise their dream of running the country.

      With regard the offsider, I suspect I am already this close to being denounced as it is, seeing as how she is the climate change policy person for the department and we have already had a few, shall we say, vigorous discussions even though I am her boss.

      Posted by entropy on 2008 04 06 at 08:05 AM • permalink


    1. Heston was under-rated as an actor and a supporter of cinema; without his intervention Welles would not have made “Touch of Evil” with its bravado opening sequence;
      one take

      Posted by cohenite on 2008 04 06 at 08:09 AM • permalink


    1. #64
      A bill of rights will give a large bill of wrongs to feed the lawyers. But how do they propose to amend the constitution if a bill of rights is added? Or will it just be fudged.

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 08:13 AM • permalink


    1. #65
      Behind the Scenes with Charlton Heston atTouch of Evil (1958)

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 08:21 AM • permalink


    1. #66 I am sure they will try and craft the legislation to avoid amending the constitution.

      Imagine the field day those opposing the amendments would have: “Do you want this man (Julian Burnside, Michael Kirby et al, take your pick) running the country, even though they are unelected? Vote no.”

      Posted by entropy on 2008 04 06 at 08:32 AM • permalink


    1. #66 another thought: Didn’t Kevin say before the election he wasn’t very interested in a Bill of Rights, in order not to scare the horses?  Maybe this wankfest is all about allowing him to do it.

      Posted by entropy on 2008 04 06 at 08:34 AM • permalink


    1. #68 Burnside and Kirby make a nice pair.
      #69 Can I vote at the wankfest like TV shows?

      Posted by stackja1945 on 2008 04 06 at 08:40 AM • permalink


    1. This item got me thinking.

      Therese: “Gee Kevin, what do you want to do tonight?”
      Kevin: “The same thing we do every night, Therese, try to administer the world.”

      Apologies to Pinkie and the Brain.

      As for Sheridan’s piece, Rudd should try running Australia first. He still hasn’t done anything but make meaningless speeches and call useless inquiries.

      Posted by Contrail on 2008 04 06 at 08:47 AM • permalink


    1. O/T – A South Australian father and daughter have revealed they are a couple, and have had a child together. The Deaves (this is their surname, believe it or not) admitted their crime on TV tonight.

      The crow-eaters, I’m sad to say, have been off the rails for a long time, beginning with the election of Dirty Don Dunstan.  Home not only to David Hicks, Mother Goose and the Snowtown Bodies-In-Barrels murders, South Australia now plunges to new lows.

      Posted by Ubique on 2008 04 06 at 08:49 AM • permalink


    1. You’ve just arrived Ubique, haven’t you?

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 08:51 AM • permalink


    1. Kae, how did you guess?  Just got the kids to bed and heard the story.  Apologies.  Must check thread in future before letting lose with rant!

      Posted by Ubique on 2008 04 06 at 08:56 AM • permalink


    1. That’s letting loose with rant.

      Posted by Ubique on 2008 04 06 at 08:57 AM • permalink


    1. #74
      Hey, great links, good story – Orion should get the gist.
      I still reckon it’s yuck.
      I know someone who met her brother for the firs time as adults and she was going on (aged about 14) about them being together like boyfriend and girlfriend. She was a sicko.

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 09:03 AM • permalink


    1. Ubique, isn’t Adelaide the City of Churches?

      So many people there need to repent really awful stuff!

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 09:04 AM • permalink


    1. Kae, I lived in Adelaide as a lad for a couple of years after five years away from Oz in Kuala Lumpur.  Adelaide was known as the City of Churches.  I don’t know if there’s any longer the same opportunity for worship or repentance; friends tell me that a number of Adelaide churches have been converted to bars and restaurants.

      Posted by Ubique on 2008 04 06 at 09:18 AM • permalink


    1. #65 Cohenite: I agree. He was, for example, very good as Will Penny, an aging cowboy who takes a woman and her young son under his wing. I remember a great early scene where some troublemaker by a chuck wagon goads him, and he smacks the guy around with his tin dinner plate.

      Posted by paco on 2008 04 06 at 09:23 AM • permalink


    1. #67 Thanks for that. #79. And just think, humiliated in his dotage by that bastard moore; it would not have happened if he had been in his Will Penny prime; I remember him being accosted by that british tart/media commentator, ruby wax, a while ago, and he gave her short shrift.

      Posted by cohenite on 2008 04 06 at 09:36 AM • permalink


    1. Breaking news, KRudd weighs his options and doesnt make another decision.
      “What we’ve said to the Chinese consistently since then is that we’re not in a position to confirm whether we would go, it will depend entirely on timing constraints as we get closer to the event and that remains our position,”Which (I consult my big book of weaselspeak) means SFA.
      Surely the media is getting a little tired of reporting things “Gunner” happen and bugger all else?Gunner Rudd anyone?

      Posted by thefrollickingmole on 2008 04 06 at 10:10 AM • permalink


    1. Gunner Rudd, eh?  One of yours, Ubique?

      Posted by Olrence on 2008 04 06 at 10:56 AM • permalink


    1. #80: Heston wrote some wonderful pieces about the movie business that appeared in the National Review (some fascinating stuff on Orson Welles, Gregory Peck, and William Wyler come to mind). It would be great if NR reprinted them (or posted them online).

      Posted by paco on 2008 04 06 at 10:57 AM • permalink


    1. And even if it isn’t a great success I can’t see how it will be a big failure.


      Posted by Deborah Leigh on 2008 04 06 at 12:01 PM • permalink


    1. So Margo’s latest progressive idea on how to make WebDiary commercially viable is child labor?

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 2008 04 06 at 01:39 PM • permalink


    1. #81
      Geez, the ethical chocolate nazis advertising lately on teev will be on to her!(oops, was that Godwins?)

      Posted by kae on 2008 04 06 at 04:44 PM • permalink


    1. #77 There is no way Rudd will knock back an invitation to visit China because he will never do anything to offend the Chinese. Even if it becomes politically impossible to make it an official visit, he will still go as a private citizen.

      Posted by Contrail on 2008 04 06 at 06:11 PM • permalink


    1. I’ve just worked out how Ms Hardy came by her rather obscure moniker-

      Her proud parents had decided to name her after her late and famous aunty, and were about to announce the same; a nurse brought in the bundle of joy, and asked “Have you thought of a name yet?” and proceded to pull back the swaddling around the childs head, revealing its face for the first time; her Mother replied “why yes, we’re going to call her Mary..EEEK!!”

      Posted by Habib on 2008 04 06 at 08:45 PM • permalink


  1. It’s very exciting.  It’s a fucking internship.  How novel.

    Posted by Paul Dubuc on 2008 04 13 at 05:48 PM • permalink