Steyn survives australia

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 09:39 am

Mark Steyn—now returned to the US, where he recently stood in for a little-known radio identity—posts reactions to his successful Australian visit. Some of our more timid media representatives are still recovering.

We hosted Mark for one night of his trip, introducing him to a small bunch of journalistic/legal/musical/restaurant types. I think the evening ended around 3am, after six hours of Steyn charm (he’s a brilliant speaker); two days later, another Steyn outing continued until 2am. The dude can endure.

One story from that first night: Mark has a team of sled-pulling dogs in New Hampshire. Naming rights were handed to his young daughters. As a result, these mighty hounds are condemned to names like “Blossom”, “Fairypetal”, and “Justin Timberlake”.

Well, that’s how I recall it. I may be confused about this, and they could be the names of his actual daughters (much Expensive Wine was involved). In any case, he didn’t hit anybody, which qualifies Mark for a return feast on his next visit. He passed the test.

UPDATE. Speaking of timid media:

ABC radio announcer Jon Faine and I stared at each other with incredulity after interviewing Mark Steyn.

That’s from jittery Jill Singer, she of the double standards. Scared lady ought to take a look at her own views once in a while.

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