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Remember when peaceniks deplored sanctions against Iraq? You know, before sanctions were judged a roaring success post-invasion? Mark Steyn does:

And, in place of congratulations for their brilliant “containment” of Saddam, Washington was blamed for UN sanctions and systematically starving to death a million Iraqi kids – or two million, according to which “humanitarian” agency you believe.


I see the western press has pretty much given up on calling the Ba’athist dead-enders and foreign terrorists “insurgents” presumably because they were insurging so ineffectually. So now it’s a “civil war.” Remember what a civil war looks like? Generally, they have certain features: large-scale population movements, mutinous units in the armed forces, rival governments springing up, rebels seizing the radio station. None of these are present in Iraq. The slavering western media keep declaring a civil war every 48 hours but those layabout Iraqis persist in not showing up for it.

And an excerpt for quagmire comparison purposes … well, no. Go read the whole thing instead.

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