Snow threatened, threatening

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California, Wednesday:

California said on Wednesday it was suing the US government for blocking the implementation of the state’s tough new standards on greenhouse gases emitted by automobiles …

In his statement, [California’s Attorney General Jerry] Brown said that the ruling “ignored the dangerous consequences of global warming to the State of California.”

“Global warming threatens California’s Sierra mountain snow pack, which provides the state with one-third of its drinking water,” he added.

California, Friday:

Forecasters said the Pacific storms could dump more than 10 feet of snow on California mountains by Sunday.

“Travel is not advised in the mountain areas this weekend. It could be a life-threatening situation for you,” CNN meteorologist Jacqui Jeras said Friday.

Via Lee M., who emails: “Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger is asking all Californians who own cars with big-block power plants to fire them up and let them idle for the next 36 hours.”

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