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Andrew Bolt picks out some Latham Diary highlights:

He wrote on November 14, 2002: “Since my attack on the Tory elites, some of our people have wanted me to go further, to really unload on the neo-conservatives. Last night for instance, Jo Fox, one of Carmen Lawrence’s advisers, issued a challenge: to describe (Australian columnist Janet) Albrechtsen, so heavily loathed by the Labor femocrats, as ‘a skanky ho who must die’.”

Lawrence was then Labor’s spokeswoman on the status of women.

Busted! The book also outs Fairfax journalists Shaun Carney and Mark Riley:

Latham even tells how Shaun Carney, associate editor of The Age and biographer of Treasurer Peter Costello, “rang me to offer his services in ‘psychoanalysing’ Costello, identifying his weaknesses and exploiting them …”

And he says Mark Riley, then of The Sydney Morning Herald, gave him a document to use against Liberal frontbencher Senator Helen Coonan—a document he says Riley found by rummaging through her garbage bin.

Could be that this was the result of Riley’s trash-diving. Wonder what would turn up in his rubbish …

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