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Labor’s Lindsay Tanner tells the ABC his party’s bitterness and unpopularity are due to reflected anger:

LINDSAY TANNER: I would like to see more idealism in Labor. I would like to see a lot more but we should be careful not to mistake anger for idealism and a lot of the critique that you see of Labor currently is reflecting people’s anger at George Bush and John Howard. And that’s profoundly negative and reactive.

It’s always Bush’s fault, somehow. The conclusion to Tanner’s Lateline forum appearance is hilarious:

GEORGE BRANDIS: I think the problem with that, Lindsay, is Mr Latham was very visible for several years and if you read his diaries he had given up on the capacity of the Labor Party to deal with those very problems.

LINDSAY TANNER: George, I think that’s Mark’s way of coping with failure.

GEORGE BRANDIS: No, he wrote the diary entries contemporaneously when he was expecting to be the next Labor PM.



MAXINE McKEW: On that note, we are out of time.

(Via reader Brian)

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