Silence under the noise

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Last updated on August 8th, 2017 at 04:49 pm

Margo is back—well, almost:

I haven’t written anything this year, and when I do it will be from a different angle of vision. The mainstream media bores me now. It’s all déjà vu, a rerun of a rerun except that the debate ever narrows, ever contracts, as even recent history is forgotten and context abolished.

This “different angle” plan is paying off already. She’s evidently decided to become some type of beat poet.

It’s all show on the main stage, as the disconnect between perception and reality gets ever more obvious and ever more grotesque.

Now she’s channelling William Blake!

I’m now interested in the silence under the noise, the movements and trends in the places the mainstream doesn’t go to because it won’t, and can’t.

They need you to show them, Margo.

And in the attempts by people who aren’t in the game for status, cash or personal power to find a way to enter the maze of public life that doesn’t destroy them and that does create little spaces for authentic human interaction and the power of love.

I think she’s talking about Shane Warne. Could be mistaken, though.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who gave time and energy to our little community this year. I look forward to rejoining you next year.

Not nearly as much as we are, great hearer of the silence.

(Via Paul C.)

UPDATE. The great Paul Wright: “She can hear the silence. Now if she would only sing along.”

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