From shooting threats to backstabbing laborites

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 02:41 pm

In this week’s Bulletin picture gallery:
Nothing special, right? Just some guy winning a race in 1970? Wait until you learn a little more about Kenya’s Kipchoge Keino. Also in the Bulletin:

* A twister-load of stories on Cyclone Larry;

* Josh Gliddon interviews Kevin Bartlett, who lived with an undiagnosed broken back for 30 years;

* Patrick Carlyon’s zesty ComGamesBlog;

* A Continuing Crisis column in which the following are mentioned: Ray Martin, Liz Hayes, the tiny Pacific island-state of Tolo Tolo, Ron Barassi, Piers Akerman, Dawn Fraser, Peter Landy, JFK, Logan David, Jesus, Michael Leunig, and Tony Lockett;

* And don’t miss your exclusive guide to ALP factions:
Download it here. Faction hate continues!

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