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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:30 am

On Rathergate, the New York Times reports:

Because of the nature of the allegations about a sitting president – and because Mr. Rather has long been characterized by the right as someone who periodically shades his journalism to the left – the memos that were the basis for the broadcasts were quickly injected into the presidential campaign.

“Periodically?” writes contributor Alan R.M. Jones. “Shades?” For Rathergate sleuths, helpful Kevin Aylward has built a web-friendly CBS investigation resource:

If you who are covering and quoting the Thornburgh/Boccardi report on the CBS memo scandal you might be interested in this web version of the PDF.

The web version of the report I’ve created allows you to specify the page of the report to open in the URL string.  For example, if you want to link to page 121 of the PDF, you can use this syntax.

The page number is the PDF page number, not the page number printed in the text of the report.

Note:  I’ll be putting the report appendixes up in the same format , and placing the links to the paginated version in this this Wizbang post.

Meanwhile, certain Old Media identities haven’t reacted well to recent events:

A Boston Globe editor was arrested for “open and gross lewdness” after two young women complained he turned up at their front door “naked and masturbating.”

Man. He wasn’t even wearing pyjamas.

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