Sgt. jeremy doyle

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Hideous scenes at the Indiana funeral of a US soldier killed in Iraq:

Sgt. Jeremy Doyle’s sacrifice brought many out to honor him but also sparked a standoff on a city street.

People arriving to say goodbye to a hometown hero met an altogether different scene in Martinsville. Demonstrators dragging American flags on the ground and holding signs opposing U. S. troops.

Tension grew before the demonstrators finally left their location, right across the street from Army Sgt. Jeremy Doyle’s funeral service.

According to the group’s website, it sees American deaths in Iraq as a kind of punishment for social misdeeds.

The group in question is a psycho brigade of gay-hating Christian freaks who tour the country picketing soldier funerals. Interesting that the most Taliban-like Baptists in the US are on the anti-war team. By the way, do fathers of fallen servicemen also possess Mother Sheehan’s absolute moral authority? Perhaps Maureen Down should interview John Doyle:

“If I had to lose a son, if I had to lose one, I’d rather it be serving our country,” Doyle’s father explained.

Doyle’s father and stepmother have more to say here:

“I wanted people to know that he paid the ultimate price—that he should be celebrated,” John Doyle said …

“He was there willingly. He was an enlisted man. He hadn’t been drafted, so everybody should support those guys,” Doyle said.

Doyle’s stepmother told RTV6 that when she spoke with him by phone, he never complained.

“He wanted to make a difference and he has made a difference,” Sandy Doyle said. “He’s made a difference in my life and every American.”

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