Sgrena puzzle

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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:30 am

LGF is all over the Giuliana Sgrena case. In latest news, the White House says it is “absurd” for the former hostage to claim US forces deliberately targeted her.

Posted by Tim B. on 03/07/2005 at 05:07 PM
    1. A summary here as well:

      The Italian Job

      Posted by Scott Campbell at Blithering Bunny on 03/07 at 05:13 PM • #


    1. Eason Jordan Made Them Do It.

      Posted by Nightfly on 03/07 at 06:48 PM • #


    1. Italian women are like that.  Grudges, suspicions, and resentments play a larger role in life than usual.

      Posted by rhhardin on 03/07 at 06:50 PM • #


    1. What’s the world coming to when the army gets in trouble for shooting at a commie?

      Posted by Habib on 03/07 at 07:24 PM • #


    1. I wonder how many more Iraqis and Americans will die because this commie managed to help the socalled resistance to get their murdering hands on millions.

      Posted by terryelee on 03/07 at 07:29 PM • #


    1. This is a setup pure and simple.

      The italian sheila was happy to help the terrorists as it fitted in with her strident anti americanism. Bit like that dill Mulhearn who was a human shield for Saddam but can’t be bothered to be a human shield for the average Iraqi punter.

      But more importantly, the US soldiers should be court martialled for poor shooting, how did they manage to miss her, the world can do without another whinging commie!

      Posted by Nuffy on 03/07 at 08:36 PM • #


    1. She’s the second Italian communist journalist to get herself taken hostage and then “rescued” after payment of a ransom (payoff).  I expect it was all meant to provide more pro-terrorist, anti-American propaganda for that rag she writes for.  I’ll bet she’s pretty surprised at how it actually turned out.  She’s directly responsible for the death of the Italian secret service agent who protected her worthless ass with his own body.  Maybe the next Italian commie bitch will think twice before trying it.

      Posted by RebeccaH on 03/07 at 09:23 PM • #


    1. what happened is really simple:

      1. the Italian government, despite tough talk on terrorism, decided to pay a ransom to the terrorists who weere holding (or hosting?) Sgrena

      2. because they were paying terrorists, they had to run their own intelligence operation without telling the Americans

      Posted by steve68 on 03/07 at 09:26 PM • #


    1. She’s directly responsible for the death of the Italian secret service agent who protected her worthless ass with his own body.  Maybe the next Italian commie bitch will think twice before trying it.

      Are you kidding? She managed to get a hated Tool of the Capitalist Oppressor killed? Her comrades are probably seething with envy.

      Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 03/07 at 11:18 PM • #


    1. The Americans need to pull the finger out and get a detailed account out there. At the moment the Italians (communists) are driving the story and the Americans are taking PR damage.

      Just denying the Italian allegations is not enough.

      Posted by zscore on 03/08 at 01:37 AM • #


    1. Italian: We approached the checkpoint at what we consider to be a safe and reasonable speed.

      American: They were speeding at us like a bat out of hell.

      The funny (as in weird funny, not ha-ha funny) thing is both statements are correct, as anybody who has ever driven in Rome can verfiy.

      Posted by Pauly on 03/08 at 02:01 AM • #


    1. Michelle Malkin has more: CNN was inventing news again. Sgrena’s own article says:

      ”…Losing control of the car in a street full of water in Baghdad and maybe wind up in a bad car accident…”

      To lose control they must have been driving pretty fast!

      Posted by jorgen on 03/08 at 04:02 AM • #


    1. Fund-raising for the insurgents should be a risky business.

      Posted by rexie on 03/08 at 04:49 AM • #


    1. I think the American administration has taken the wrong tack here.  They should be saying ‘Our troops are the best trained in the world.  That our troops would have targeted Sgrena and failed is absurd.  If we had targeted her she would be dead.

      Frankly I feel sorry for Nicola Calipari and his family.  That he should be killed protecting trash like Sgrena (who is now better able to sread her vitriol due to the increased exposure) is a terrible double blow for Italy.

      Posted by whiteotter on 03/08 at 11:03 AM • #


    1. Another botched KGB mission (of course its a conspiracy theory, but doesnt Moscow make them)?

      Posted by rog2 on 03/08 at 04:13 PM • #


  1. What else would someone like her say?
    Let’s hear this big Fallujah secret she says she has, the one the Americans were supposedly trying to kill her for. I love the way these idiots, when released, thank their captors for their treatment! What the f*ck!
    RebeccaH you said it all!

    Posted by Brian on 03/08 at 07:09 PM • #