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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 06:37 am

Environmentalists see the oceans rising by two millimetres and predict global catastrophe; likewise, they witness the internet’s lamest hit count and declare success:

The website of Greens Leader Bob Brown, has clocked over its 200,000th visitor.

“It is fantastic to see such an interest in Greens politics,” Senator Brown said.

The interest is overwhelming!

December 2005 was the best month to date for the site, with more than 16,000 visits in what is a traditionally slow month online.

It’s a lot slower since Bob started dragging things down. By the way, 16,000 visits in a whole month? This is the crappiest online boast since New Matilda raved about an item that spectacularly generated around 40 comments.

The Senator’s regular BobCasts, featuring messages from Bob about whaling, climate change and other hot-button issues, have become a popular feature on the site. The Senator is the world’s first politician to podcast using his mobile phone.

What a pioneer! Please enjoy one of Podcast Bob’s cellphone sermons; be consumed by his rambustious charisma!

(Via Bastards Inc., also linked above)

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