Serious badness witnessed

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Poor Latham Jesus! Did they really have to burn him as well as crucify him? Meanwhile, Labor historian Rodney Cavalier vents about the ALP’s faction system, which inducts dozy young Laborites into lives of bitter sloth:

So you have, therefore, an entire generation of people who have never worked, from the day they left school, going into university. Graduating or not graduating, and never worked for anyone but the Labor Party, a minister, a member of Parliament or a trade union. Now, if you think that that is adequate preparation for public life, good luck to you.

And on the ALP in general:

What we’re witnessing is something seriously bad in the history of any political party, and that’s an intersection of the collapse of belief and the collapse in organisation. But as belief has disappeared as a crucible, careers and jobs and the prospects of the glittering lights have replaced them. And so people are lining up in terms of where they nail their colours to the mast—not in terms of what they believe, but in terms of what opportunities they perceive will fall their way, in terms of what faction they join …

[The party] hasn’t renewed itself, and that’s the single biggest mistake that an opposition can make, failing to renew itself. If the Labor Party is serious about recruiting new talent, then it’s got to look beyond the ranks of Young Labor and ministerial staff and the espousing of loyalty. Young Labor does one function – it teaches people how to hate other members of the Labor Party. It should be looking at the tsunami relief and Kosovo and places that idealists have gone and worked, and bring those people into parliament.

(From J.F. Beck and reader Raff)

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