Saddam speaks?

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Haitham Sabbah of Arablog reports a phone interview with Saddam Hussein conducted by Iraqi TV station Al Fayhaa. I’m not familiar with the site, so can’t vouch for accuracy, but here is Sabbah’s partial transcript:

Al Fayhaa: What do you think of the court that will judge you?

Saddam: Bush should be the one judged.

Al Fayhaa: What did Bush do to be judged?

Saddam: He occupied Iraq.

Al Fayhaa: We are not talking about occupation here but about the crimes that were committed by you against the Iraqi people. The mass graves, the killings.

Saddam: These are all fabrications. There isn’t a single evidence to prove that I killed anyone or pulled the trigger on anyone. These are all lies.

Al Fayhaa: There are tones of papers with your signature on them. They all prove that arrests and murders were committed after your command.

Saddam: Anyone can forge signatures. I never touched an Iraqi citizen with harm.

Al Fayhaa: What about the news of the deal that might prevent your execution. Do you want such a deal?

Saddam: The Iraqi people are kind. I can give an apology and allow me to go anywhere, Qatar, anywhere.

Al Fayhaa: Are you afraid of being executed if you faced the court?

Saddam: I heard that you stopped executions but they were renewed.

Sabbah concludes:

That was a brief transcript of what I managed to hear. I wish an Iraqi blogger would post a more accurate and full transcript.

That interview was so unprecedented. A channel interviews the previous dictator from his prison cell! I noticed how the anchor addressed Saddam with the informal word “Inta”, literally meaning “You”.

The channel then received calls from Iraqis from all around Iraq and the world. Almost all agreed that Saddam should be judged and refused any deal that might lessen his sentence.

Again, I’m not familiar with the site, and there’s nothing as yet about this interview on any news wires. Updates to follow.

UPDATE. BOGUS! The interview was all just a bunch of fakery.

Posted by Tim B. on 04/16/2005 at 12:29 PM
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