Running away for his beliefs

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A letter from David Hicks to a former flatmate:

Don’t try to write about my adventures because you don’t know that information. Nobody does, so it would be inaccurate. I would prefer if you wrote nothing about anybody, for that matter. Shit, I would have no chance to make any money when I got home, otherwise.

Guantanamo Fats can give up on that little plan:

The plea deal … also included a provision that he cannot profit from the eventual sale of his story; profits from any such sale are to go to the Australian government.

Doesn’t sound like he’d have much of a story to sell, in any case:

Major Mori says Hicks was a naive young man looking for battlefield experience after having been rejected for military service in Australia due to his only having an eighth grade education …

Recounting how Hicks fled from advancing Northern Alliance forces for three days, Major Mori said, “the ‘wannabe’ finally got a real taste of it and he ran away”.

So much for him being a freedom fighter, as one fan wrote to Miranda Devine:

“Sort of like a William Wallace (aka Braveheart). Both fighting for what they believed passionately about against a superior foe … Good on you David for standing up for your beliefs.”

Read Miranda’s whole column, in which SMH readers stand up for their beliefs:

“When you write such rubbish about Hicks it is a givaway [sic] that you are Jewish,” wrote Phil. “Only the Jews support what the United States does in the Middle East, because the Jews are an awful race that don’t give a damm [sic] about anyone but the ‘Chosen People’.”

Kevin began: “Birdbrain Devine, your diatribe regarding David Hicks reeks of … pillow talk with your favourite Jewboy – one Col. Moe Davis – and, worse STILL, a yankee jewboy (scum of ALL scum) … It IS the yankee jew who is responsible for EVERY conflict since WW2.”

See, this is why Sydney’s Earth Hour was such a flop; who wants to be in the dark with these types around?

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