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Last updated on July 14th, 2017 at 02:04 pm

The fond farewells continue for John Howard:

My compatriots have made my day – no, my whole weekend. Nothing could delight me more than to think that the mean-mindedly blokeish regime of John Howard should finally have been booted out.

I happened to be in Sydney during the previous election campaign in 2004, and felt a deep dismay as I saw how effectively Howard had demoralised Australia and weakened its plucky, cheeky spirit.

That’s from UK-based unknown Australian writer Peter Conrad, who believes Australia is controlled by News Ltd. In a reversal of previous trends, other expats are now threatening to return:

John Howard: war mongerer and climate change cynic, presided over an industrial relations policy which crushed the rights of the ‘battlers’ he claimed to be championing. The Liberals ripped the heart out of Australia. Long live Labour. I may just get on that plane and go home.
Floo K, London

Now with labour finally back in power Australia soon might be a place i can bring my familly back to live and embrace again..
craig gaul, chambly quebec, canada

They’ve been away so long they’ve forgotten how to spell “labor”. We don’t need these clowns coming back and reducing our literacy levels.

(Via Colin F. and s.r.intulom)

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