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“We don’t want Australian kids to grow up with American accents,” actress Toni Collette declared a year or so ago, adding that “working in Australia on films that speak directly to my heart and represent who we intrinsically are has allowed me to perform on an international stage and represent our rich country.”

Collette’s latest film opens this week in the US. Her character? An American housewife. Further vintage Collette from 2004:

When she won an Australian Film Institute award for Japanese Story in November Collette called on the Prime Minister, John Howard, not to jeopardise the country’s cultural future by supporting the free trade agreement with the United States. Still upset by the lack of support for Australian content, she believes Labor should block the agreement …

“It’s so pro-American. It really doesn’t benefit Australia in any way – certainly not the cultural aspects of it or the arts.

“I just hope Mark Latham has the balls to stand up and be the visionary we all want him to be and say no. But who knows – he’s certainly pinned against the wall.”

What’s stopping Toni from saying no to all her US job offers? Be a visionary, woman! Do something that benefits Australia!

Collette said she had to feel optimistic about Latham.

“Because I think I’ll slit my wrists if Howard gets in again.”

Now you’re talking.

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